Challenges Faced By Android App Developers While Developing In Android Platform

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Are you an app developer? If yes, then you will be very aware of the challenges faced by app developers during the development of the app.

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When developing mobile apps, the company is targeting Android due to its size of the operating system market worldwide. Google has made Android a developer tool. In addition, it updates the operating system performance all the time and features and visual enhancements. But the penetration rate of the translator of the mobile operating system varies.

Android is not a smartphone, tablet; it is an OS made by Google, and anyone can use it for free, whether it is individual or company. Therefore, devices made by different companies come with different hardware features even though they are compatible with the same Android model. this is why developers need to create mobile apps focused on many devices running different versions of Android.

7 Major Challenges Android App Developers Are Facing

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Software Fragmentation

As mentioned above, the market share of the Android version varies. According to the latest data from Google, the latest version of the operating system, Android 10, has a bigger market than its predecessors: Pie, Oreo, and Nougat. Every new version of Android comes with many new features and enhancements. Developers must include the functionality specified in the application to give you the best user experience when using these new functions.

Device Fragmentation

Unlike other operating systems, Android is open source. Google enables device manufacturers to customize their operating systems according to their needs. It does not control the Android devices developed by different manufacturers. Therefore, the devices come with different hardware features even though they are compatible with the same Android model, customized for each user by accessing all the hardware services of their device.

No standardized procedures or rules for User Interface

Google has introduced a popular UI feature or rules for developers. Therefore, many developers develop Android applications without following any project management development rules. When developers create custom UI faces in their own way, applications do not view or work individually on different devices.

API Compatibility

Most developers use additional APIs to improve the performance and interaction of phone applications. But other APIs are available for different Android app developers. Some APIs are designed for the Android model. Therefore, these APIs do not work on devices running different versions of the phone’s operating system.

Security Flaws

Its advanced design makes it easy for device manufacturers to customize Android according to their needs. But opening it up and expanding its market has made Android less vulnerable to repeated security attacks. There have been several memory cases of millions of Android devices affected by security breaches or bugs such as Stagefright, ‘Certifi-gate‘ mRST, FakeID, Hijacking Installer, and TowelRoot.

Increasing App Visibility

New information listed on various websites shows that the Google Play Store has more mobile apps than the Apple App Store. In addition, a large number of Android users choose free apps and subscribers.

Patent Issues

Users have the option to choose from various Android apps that offer similar features and services. But developers find it difficult to create applications with unique features and performance. They incorporate features and functionality into the app that make it look like different apps are available in the same format in the Play Store.


Challenges Faced By Android App Developers as they have to face numerous challenges then their app will be successful. Above, We had mentioned some of the challenges faced by Mobile App Developers while developing the app. So, Next Time when you get to see any bug or other issue on the App, then don’t be frustrate; just tell me about the issue so that they will fix them as soon as they can.

Are you an app developer? If yes, then tell us more about the challenges you face while developing the application. We will be happy to add them to our list with your name. Thank You for reading; keep Visiting! Keep Supporting! Meowdroid.

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