Top 5 Sites To Make An Android App Without Coding – Free App Builders Of 2022

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Didn't know how to code but still want to make an application? If yes, this article is for you where i had discussed Top 5 App Builder Sites.

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When we talk about the phone, it immediately comes to mind, and we know that the Android platform is growing at a fast pace around the world. Most updated phones come with the Android platform. The Android market is packed with more than 500,000 Android apps for more than 500 Android devices. To make the other Android market more popular, they make the Android app free for everyone; you can download it from many Google Playstore and third-party websites. Android users download millions of apps every day.

Have you ever wondered how you would if you had the opportunity to develop your favorite Android app to your liking? I suggest these top 5+ websites that will help you to build your own Android app in few minutes for free.

Top 5 Sites To Make Android App Without Coding

Free Android App Builder is one of the best tools for creating Android apps. Here you can submit an Android app to the App Store in a few minutes. Android app that made it easy to create your app. There are some simple steps; in the beginning, you have to choose a template and then add the content (text) of your choice and even images.

Once your app is selected and accepted, you can see your app in the Play Store. Moreover, It will be able on their website to download it from their site.

App Builder


If you want to make a complete functioning and good app, then AppsGeyser is the best site because you get many options to create apps; you can create your own smart app in less than 10 minutes.

These websites allow you to create an app absolutely for free and give you options for many custom apps so that you can make the app according to your wish. If you have your own website, you can create a free application for your site. Along with this, there are tool apps of the phone like Calculator, Torch, Web Browser, and much more that you can make here. Apart from this, you can also get your app monetized and earn money from it.


AppYet is a decent choice to make an application free of charge. Let’s, Assum you need to have a go at making an application expertly, then, at that point, you can take the assistance of this site, since this site will give you a fantastic application for your site with no coding.

When you visit its site, you can make a proper application by following the data given on its site. Aside from this, when your application is prepared, you can distribute it on Google Playstore.


iBuildApp is an advanced app creator, with the help of which you can create your own Android App without any coding. On this site, you get many app-building templates, which you can use while developing an app. When you come to this website, you will have to create an account, after which you can create your own professional app.


This Mobincude App Builder is excellent and very simple, with the help of which you can create an Android App for Free; it is an Advanced Android App Creator in which some features are free, and some features are Paid. You may have to pay to use them.

You have to go to its website and create your account, after which you have to complete email verification then you can make a good app of your own.


Andromo provides you with a great platform to create professional applications for you. All business types of applications can be made with this Site. A few clicks are enough to create an app and earn money by adding ads to those apps. Applications can include photo galleries, blogs/news, maps, mobile websites, video clips, and more. You can earn money by selling your app in the Play Store using Andromo.

FAQs About Building App Without Coding

Can I create an Android app without coding?

Yes, you can but if we compare applications made using App Builder with the application that was build using Android Studio then the app made by Android Studio is much far better than App Builders. However, if you want a simple application then yes you can create an Android app without coding and will work without any problem.

Which is the best app builder without coding?

The question is totally depends on the user requirement and what type of application they want to build. By the way, I had mentioned the Top 5 App Builder Sites to make an Android app without coding. You can select any one of them according to your need and start building your app.

How do free apps make money?

First of all, you didn’t need to think about money as if you build a professional-looking and complete functioning application then you can’t even think how much money you will earn from that single application. There are many revenue sources like through Ads, Adding Premium items, etc.


So, Guys, I hope you have liked these App Builder Sites; you can build your custom app for free by visiting these sites; this was the list of Top 5+ Sites to Build App.

If you have any questions or suggestions in your mind, then definitely tell by commenting, and if you like this post, then definitely share it with your friends. I hope you have understood how to make Android Apps for free without any coding. Keep visiting here for such new information, and stay connected with us (Meowdroid) for more articles.

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