How To Find My Lost Phone? What Should You Do Before/After You Lose Your Phone?

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Have you lost your phone and want to know How To Find My Lost Phone? Then this article is for you; you should need to know important things.

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If your phone is lost or stolen, then it becomes a big problem, as well as you will be in a problem because sometimes your personal information, photographs, banking information are very much inside the phone. And even nowadays phones are much more expensive. So due to all these reasons, the cases of theft are increasing very much. So what to do? If your phone is lost or stolen, then what can you do to get it?

What Should You Do Before You Lose Your Phone?

You should do the things with the phone means that you should do it before the phone is lost are as follows:

things do before you lose

Put Strong Password

Keep the password of the phone strong enough not to disable it. This may mean that the phone’s password is not kept 1234, zero four times, four times one means do not keep it straight. It would be best if you did not keep a most commonly used password or is easily guessable. If the password of your mobile is guessable, then you should need to understand that after your phone is lost, theft can misuse of your phone, and your personal information can also be lost; that’s why I told you to put a password strong.

Add Fingerprint

Secondly, keep the pattern a bit complex; fingerprint is an excellent thing. If there is a fingerprint scanner, it should always be enabled; whether it is an in-display fingerprint scanner or physical fingerprint scanner, it can be enabled on any phone. This gives the phone an extra level of security.

Should I use Face Unlock?

One small thing that happens in Faceunlock is that Faceunlock is done using a camera in most Android phones, which can be easily fooled by showing photos. Anyone can take your photo from any of your social media accounts. You have to keep in mind that is the phone can be unlocked if the social media account photo is shown to it? Well, there is a lot of chance this thing can happen. But what you need to do is avoid Faceunlook a little. If you have an iPhone or other phones in which Faceunlock is done with a dedicated sensor, you can enable it because face-unlock works well where there is a dedicated sensor. By showing your photo to him, you cannot make them fool, so it is a good thing if the phone is not unlocked there.

Enable Find My Device

Here you have to enable Find My Device by going to the settings of your phone. You have “Find My iPhone” inside the iPhone and “Find My Device” inside Android. This is a unique setting in Android, you will be able to see inside security settings, because of which the phone you have will be connected to Google services from the Internet, and you will be able to locate your phone remotely.

This means that if your phone is connected to mobile data, it has GPS is turned on, then you will be able to access it a little bit inside your phone. And if you are not connected to phone data, but if it is connected to mobile internet in the future or is connected to WiFi, then you can get to know a lot of information about it. So a setting that you enable and keep inside your phone Find My Device and Find My iPhone if you have an iPhone device.

Do Backup Regularly

Here, I will tell you to keep a backup of your phone. In iPhone, you get to see iCloud backup, you can use it, and in Android, you can see Google backup, save all your contacts and more inside Google, keep all photos backed up in Google Photos. Also, the entire app’s data goes to Google account to a large extent; as a backup, you can also use it.

Even WhatsApp’s chat is in a daily or weekly way you can backup them inside Google Drive. So this is good stuff, that as much as you keep taking backup, you will be safe if your phone is lost, broken, stolen, or something else that your phone should not be. But still, your personal data is not going to go anywhere, and if you take a new phone or not, you will get it as it is, all the information of old phone like photos, old WhatsApp messages, etc. So backup is one of the important things; keep it enabled.

Note IMEI No.

After the backup, you can now note the IMEI number of your phone. Well, IMEI number is found on the back of the box of the phone, it is found in the bill of the phone, and then if you do not know the IMEI number of your phone, then a straightforward way is to go to dialer and dial *#06# and you will know the IMEI number of your phone. IMEI number is such a thing, due to which the police will able to trace your phone. For example, if someone stole your phone, removed its sim card, and put a new sim card, then even after that, the phone you get can be tracked. So IMEI number you must note down your phone.

How To Find My Lost Phone?

So let’s talk, if your phone is lost somewhere, then how to find my lost phone? So the first thing that everyone does is call, and they call, then check where it is ringing or do text message, so that it can be known whether a vibrate has happened then the phone’s location address Goes.

But even if it does not work, then what? So there is a feature through which you can play sound on your device even if it is silent, and to access it, you will have to go to and in iPhone go to, where You can play a song on your device. So it means you can able to play sound on your device; even if your device is on silent mode, it will still play sound inside it, and you will be able to locate where the phone is? But for this, the phone is required to have connectivity with the Internet, and at the same time, it is necessary to remain logged in Google account, keep in mind that the id with which you want to play the song.

track your lost phone

In addition to this, you can also remotely erase your device if you get an option to play songs on it; there is also an option of an erasing device. So whatever personal information is inside the phone, everything will be erased automatically. Moreover, if the phone is not connected to the internet, then whenever the phone is connected to the mobile data or WiFi network, then the information of the phone will wipe out automatically if you already sent a command. So this is a feature that you can use.

Along with this, you also get to see the option of tracking my iPhone. This means that you can track both your iPhone or Android phone. If GPS is enabled, connected to mobile data, you can track and find the area that exactly your phone is available in which area, and you can take the information and give it to the police so that they can help you a lot in finding your phone.

What To Do If You Lost Your Phone?

Suppose if you find that your phone is lost and cannot be found, then What you do?

things do after you lose

Block Sim-card

The first thing you should do is contact your SIM card company and say to disable the SIM card because the SIM card can be misused very easily. Yes, It is possible because what if someone stole the phone? They will now remove the old SIM card and put it in another phone; then, they can call someone else in your name or send a message, etc. Even if the bank receives OTP passwords on your number, this thing can be more dangerous. So, the way to keep it safe is that if you find out that your phone is lost, first block that SIM card because if the OTP and other bank’s details have come to that number, then they can be more harmful.

Take The Help Of IMEI No.

The second thing is that you had written the IMEI number earlier; take it to the police because the police can use that IMEI number to track the phone and find in which area exactly the phone is there. Maybe you might get to see your phone. Even if it has another sim card inside it, or you have also wiped your phone. But even after that, your phone can be tracked because the police can easily track your phone using an IMEI number, then this thing happens.

Log Out & Change Password

Along with the above, there are some things that you would have to worry about if someone steals your phone or goes missing. First of all, as long as your social media account is there, you have to worry. So, Open all your social media accounts on another device, then go to the account setting, there; you will get the option to log out from all devices, then do log out because if your social media information was received by someone else in any way. They can also misuse it. So, first of all, the current sessions will be your log-in sessions; you should log out inside the old iPhone or Android phone; that is the biggest thing.

Secondly, as much as your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, change the password of everyone. If possible, change the password of the bank if you use the UPI application. Also, if the bank’s ID password is accessed through that phone, such as net banking, then change their password also.


So these are some of the things that whenever such an incident happens with you; first of all, you should change the password, block the SIM SIM card, give the information of IMEI to the police, and you should try to track, ring, or erase your device by going to or itself. It would be best if you did some similar things, which will mean that those who are thieves will not be able to misuse their phones. This is one such thing that you should understand. I hope you like the article and get enough knowledge on How to Find My Lost Phone? Then Don’t forget to share. Keep Visiting! Keep Supporting! Meowdroid.

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