Top 7 Tips To Extend Your Smartphone’s Life In 2022

by Ajay Nager • Last Updated

In today's article, I am going to tell you how you can extend the life of your smartphone so that you can use them for a few more years.

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Guys, I have brought another great article for you. This article is very, very important. I am saying because nowadays I am seeing that people are using their smartphones for a year. Yes, only for one year that is very, very surprising you are taking a new phone every year, and you’re increasing the electronic waste which is very harmful to our planet. In today’s article, I am going to tell you how you can extend the life of your smartphone so that you can use them for a few more years. I will tell you everything so keep reading.

electronic waste

If you ask me How Long Should I Use My Smartphone? Then I would definitely say at least you should use the phone for two years because the life of a phone that is two and a half to three years if you use three years is awesome. But in today’s world, where smartphone technology is changing so fast that the phones change completely in a year and a half, I think two years is a good time if you use a smartphone. Well, friends, let me tell you that in a year, Indians use smartphones for an average of 18 hundred hours that comes to around 4 to 5 hours every day. So how will you extend the life of your smartphone? This is a big question. Let me tell you how you can.

How To Make Your Smartphone Last Longer?

I say the most basic thing, and that is one of the biggest reasons why you change a smartphone that the button has come out, the micro USB port at the bottom is not working properly, or the battery is not running. So first of all, these are very simple repairs. Go to the service shop, put the original parts if you want, and get your phone repaired; it will be like new. Regarding the battery, I say that its capacity becomes very less after a year and a half of your battery. The only thing is you have to change the battery, and your phone will be like new, then you will not need to change the smartphone.

Protect From Moisture

mobile plastic pouch

The second big thing is where do you keep the phone and pay attention to how much moisture it is. So if you can keep it in a place where there is not much moisture, it will be very good and extend your smartphone life. Not only that, even if your phone is IP68 certified, even if you are putting it in the water, again and again, water will enter it somewhere, and there will be a problem inside your smartphone. So even if the IP68 certification makes sure it doesn’t get too wet, put it in a pouch and carry it with you if it is in the rainy season; that will really help because moisture is one of the biggest enemies of a smartphone.

Put Back Cover Case


In general, when we take a new phone, we put a back cover on it. Basically, the phones that are today come with glass or plastic backs. If you do not use the case, if there is glass, it will break if it falls down. Yes, whether Gorilla Glass is 5 or 6, if it falls four or five times from a little height, it will break. So use a case that will be very good if there is the plastic back then if you don’t use case then you will get many scratches and in few days your phone will look very old and then you will start hating your phone don’t do that if you want your smartphone looks as it is in new then put a case.

Use Screen Protector

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There is a scratch guard on the phone screen; that is the front glass that protects your display because if the display gets damaged, then the cost is very high. As It is one of the most expensive things because not only is the display there, there is also a panel below it, and that is one of the most expensive components of a smartphone. So always use a good quality screen protector. However, a scratch guard is very important, and guys, I want to tell you that never go for a cheap one, don’t ever put those cheap ones as they are bad for your smartphone. Put high-quality one; you have taken a 20-25 thousand phone, definitely put a good quality screen protector.

Charge Smartly

charge smartly

I cannot stress this next point enough, charge smartly. But basic say never do zero to hundred percent. Yes, if it comes to 10%, then keep the charge and if it reaches 90%, then remove the charge. Zero to a hundred percent puts more stress on your battery and what to do with the battery; we have already told you how to increase the battery’s life.

Remove Heavy Apps

Use Lite Apps Instead of Heavier Ones, for example, FB Lite instead of Facebook Messenger if you have mid-range phones.

remove heavy apps

If you want to keep your phone in peak performance, then remove heavy apps. Seriously, I am saying that Apps like Facebook eat so many resources, which means that the CPU which is there will be more used and will get hot, the life of your smartphone will be reduced. Try to use lite apps means Facebook has FB lite, the messenger has a lite version, Instagram also has a lite version. So if you use lite apps, your performance will always be good. Heavy apps generally are not good for a phone, especially if you use mid-range or budget-range phones. However, If you have a flagship phone, this does not make any difference as smartphones have become very powerful nowadays, but if you are using mid-range or budget phones, use lite apps.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Many times it happens that for one thing, we install the app and then keep it like that we don’t uninstall it, so make sure periodically every 15 days or a month in your phone to see which apps are there and If you are not going to use or are going to do it once in six months, then uninstall it. You will be able to install it again when you want to use it; nowadays, mobile data is fast. Anyway, wifi is almost everywhere, so you will be able to install it again comfortably.

The fewer apps on your phone, the better the life of your smartphone will extend, and yes, there is no need to uninstall it one by one; you can go to the play store and select multiple apps simultaneously and uninstall all at once. Your time is not too much in that.

Protect From Overheating

phone on car bonate

Just like water and moisture, heat is also a big enemy of your smartphone. Yes, due to heat, the performance goes down. If the internal parts are too hot, the wear and tear are more. So remember, don’t keep it in too much heat. Yes, you are driving a car and putting your phone on the bonnet, direct sunlight comes, and your phone becomes very hot, reducing smartphone life. So please don’t use too much in direct sunlight, especially they are black, and they absorb heat. It literally means your screen is black when it is closed, then obviously they absorb heat, which is not good for your smartphone life.


Finally, guys, I would like to say that every single week turned off and on your phone. I mean, I really don’t know how much it makes a difference, but it’s a good habit. Every 7 to 10 days restart your phone will be good for your smartphone life. I hope guys that now you knew how to extend smartphone life and you will help the whole environment. If every person who buys or upgrades his own smartphone extends it by two to three months and six months, it will make a huge positive difference for our earth, environment, and the coming generation. So, Think about this and don’t forget to share this article with others as well.

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