Download Truecaller Premium APK V13.7.6 (MOD, Premium/Gold Unlocked)

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Download Truecaller Premium APK V13.7.6 (MOD, Premium/Gold Unlocked)
Being irritated from fake & spam calls? If yes, Truecaller Premium APK (MOD Fully Unlocked) is only for you as it comes with advanced features.
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Name Truecaller Premium MOD APK
Publisher Truecaller
Category Apps
Version 13.7.6
Size 100M
Requires Android 5.1 and Up
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Truecaller MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a well-known Android app for secure communication management. It protects users from spam and other severe threats from unknown sources. On 1 July 2009, True Software Scandinavia AB launched the app on the Android and iOS platforms. This type belongs to Telephone Directory, Caller ID, and Spam Blocker app. This article is about Truecaller, which describes the features of free and premium, and gold subscriptions. Truecaller has many valuable features like caller recognition, call blocking, flash SMS, call recording, chat, and much more.

Truecaller Premium is a subscription plan that offers pro features. Our article explains everything about Truecaller and its premium membership. First, we will discuss all the premium features and plan details. Truecaller Premium APK is about to break the limit for free users. Just follow the article to get complete information. It will help you to know everything about it before using it.

What is Truecaller Premium APK?

Everyone receives lots of phones calls daily on their mobile phone and even some of them are from unknown numbers, customer care, fraud calls, and many others. Also, We pick all of them as we don’t know who’s calling if their number isn’t saved on our smartphone. So, How do you feel? If you know that Truecaller is an application that will tell you basic details about the caller before picking up the call. Isn’t it sound good? I know it is as this will save you time and also make you aware by providing details. Moreover, there are lots of features it has that we discussed below.

Features of Truecaller Free Version

Truecaller is the top call management app on Playstore. It is also one of the top freebies available. Users love this app for each service it provides. All services are given below. We also state the details of the services offered by it.

Callers’ & Senders’ ID Detection

Truecaller has a vast database of mobile numbers and other allowed details. According to the report of Wikipedia, it has more than 200 million active users. In addition, it has more than 500 million registered users. Truecaller uses this database to find out the details available. Next, it shows the details of the caller or sender details on the screen.

They collect users’ data and users’ reactions to a number to find out the essential information. It accesses all the contacts on your phone during the installation of the app. Providing access to contacts is mandatory. Otherwise, the app will not allow you to access the features. This applies to every Truecaller user.

identify caller

No service in this world is free. In the case of Truecaller, it is accessing your contact details and scraping them to expand its database. Every user is helping to grow the database. Suppose user A has 200 contacts on his phone, and user B has 100 connections. Truecaller will collect all the contacts from users A and B. After that, 300 contacts will be added to their database entries.

Tell me how Truecaller can show the actual name of the contact. As you have seen in the picture above, most users have named the contact with the same name. In such a situation, Truecaller shows the name that most users had saved in their contact. User contributions are an essential resource behind the development of Truecaller. Truecaller may notify you of caller information prior to making a call. Through the Truecaller app, users can talk to anyone. Users can back up call history, contacts, messages, and settings to Google Drive.

Block Contacts

Truecaller is considered to be the best blocking app among others. Truecaller Intelligence Service is a high-standard service that helps the user to block any contact using their number or name. Blocking any contact in Truecaller is more straightforward than blocking in mobile phone settings. We have shown below how to block any contact using Truecaller.

You can block contact by entering the number directly or by browsing the name of the contact. It is also available on Truecaller’s call manager. Single-click blocking is also available to avoid calls from the respective contact numbers.

block spam

Advanced Blocking and Spam Detection

According to many reliable reports, Truecaller is a world-class advanced spam detection and blocking caller app. It has several anti-spamming features to keep users safe from fraud, selling, harassment, and more.

Truecaller has a system to report any number as spam. When Truecaller receives too many spam reports for any number, Truecaller marks it as a spam contact. Sometimes, it doesn’t even show call notifications to avoid spam calls. Users can submit spam in a variety of options, such as numbers in the same order or a country code number.

Smart Messaging

Truecaller is a caller app and can be used for SMS as well. It has a rating of 4.4 in the Google Play Store, which shows that most of the users are satisfied with the service and its security system in terms of protecting the user from spam calls and messages. It gives an organized, user-friendly, intuitive interface. Users can put SMS into Personal, Important, Other, and Spam.

filter & sort message

Truecaller can automatically detect every unknown SMS. It also blocks spam SMS and has a vast database for spam lists, which helps stop spam messages to protect the user. Spammers send links to steal users’ data using phishing methods. They also show some unlikely motions to drag the victim. Ultimately Truecaller plays an essential role in blocking such contacts. According to the data of the Truecaller site, Truecaller has received information about more than 3 billion calls and messages.

Group messaging is also possible on Truecaller, which is not usually available on most messaging apps. It acquired the characteristics of online messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. ‘Flash Messaging’ can be used for instant SMS. It helps the user to interact at a vital place.

Truecaller Pay: A Trusted Payment Gateway

Truecaller Pay is a safe, secure, reliable, and instant money transfer service. Also, it has the facilities like recharge, bill payment, etc. People who sign up in Truecaller with UPI access can do money transactions. Tracking various bills, recharges and other updates is easy with Truecaller. This can be maintained from the ‘Important’ tab of messages. Therefore maintenance is easy in Truecaller. By the way, Don’t use this feature on MOD APK due to security reasons.

Features Of Truecaller Premium APK

This is a paid plan for the user. The free version of Truecaller has a limitation in usage of Truecaller. As I mentioned above, nothing comes for free. In contrast, Truecallers generates revenue from free users as well as paid users. Paid users pay for the plans directly. But free users are forced to see ads on the interface. It also provides huge revenue to Truecaller.


Ads are the most annoying element on any interface. Most of us are not interested in receiving any advertisements on our mobile phones. Truecaller’s free version uses Google Adsense to show ads on the interface.


If one wants to get rid of these ads, then one can opt for the premium plan. As per the latest data, you will have to pay for this plan. You can subscribe to monthly and yearly premium plans. If you want to subscribe for one month, you will be charged an amount of Rs.75. But instead of monthly, annual plans require Rs 44/month, i.e., Rs 528 for one year.

It was a way to get rid of every ad on Truecaller. Here you are paying money directly to Truecaller. But if a user does not subscribe to any plan, then Truecaller will earn from them using ads from Google Adsense.

Track The Profile Viewers

Allows premium users to track contacts who view their profile. Free users cannot check users who have viewed their profiles. For the same, it is essential to subscribe to the premium plan of Truecaller.

track profile viewer

Truecaller maintains a database of users who have subscribed to Premium and Gold plans. If a premium user or a gold user requests data, Truecaller shows the complete data.

Premium Badge

truecaller premium apk badge

Premium badges are another feature of paid plans. This is a badge that will let others know that you are using a paid plan. It will simply isolate you from other contacts. When a user uses the premium plan, the contact will appear as a given image.

Incognito Mode

Everyone knows about Incognito Mode. It works as a private interface to get rid of tracking by the local machine. Suppose you are using Firefox; Meanwhile, Firefox is used to collect some of the data you used on the browser. But if you switch to Incognito Mode, no data will be tracked by Firefox.

incognito mode

Similarly, Truecaller MOD APK is used to track every single premium contact where it is being viewed. But by using Truecaller Incognito Mode, Truecaller will not know which contact you are looking for. This applies if you don’t want the contact owner to see about you. Any Premium or Premium Gold user can turn on Incognito Mode by enabling ‘Settings -> Privacy Center -> Incognito Mode.’

Truecaller Call Recording

Call recording is an essential feature for every call management app. Similarly, Truecaller has the functionality to record any call instantly, such as saving it to local storage. In addition, it can be backed up to online file storage like Google Drive. We have mentioned how to record calls using Truecaller in the following image. After recording, you can still access the recording files on your phone storage.

call recording

Here are the steps to enable call recording on Truecaller. At first, open your Truecaller app, and click on the three horizontal lines at the left top corner. You will see the label ‘Call Recording.’ Click on it and provide the necessary permissions. Now, you have completely set up the call recording feature.

More Contact Request

Truecaller Premium APK allows users to submit 30 requests per month requesting contact information. In this feature, the user can get any contact number just by using the name of the contact. This limit can be crossed by using any paid plan. If you’re interested in discovering more contacts, the paid plans can help you do that.

Features Of Truecaller Premium Gold MOD APK

Premium Gold is a paid plan that offers premium features as well as Gold features to its users. The table in the above section explains the features of Premium Gold and its price. According to the official Truecaller app, it costs around Rs 5000 per year. Users will get these features in Premium Gold.

Premium Unlocked

Premium Gold has all the premium features. It includes an ad-free interface, profile audience tracking, pro badges, incognito mode, call recording, and more contact requests. In addition, it has two more gold features.

Gold Caller Id

Let me explain to you about Gold Caller ID. The Premium Gold ID gets highlighted on the receiver’s phone. There is also a difference in the interface color in the user’s mobile phone. It will look like the highlighted gold color. If the user clicks on the three horizontal bars on the left top corner, the user’s ID will be in a golden background.

You may have a look at the image given above to clarify what Gold caller id is.

gold caller id

Download Truecaller Premium APK ( Gold/Premium Unlocked )

The download link for the latest version of Truecaller Premium APK is given below. Download the APK file and install it to use Gold Premium Edition.

Final Word

Truecaller is one of the most amazing smartphone applications that comes with features like caller identification, call-blocking, call recording, voice and text chat using the internet, and many more which I already discussed above. By the way, the post is about providing you with the latest and working version of Truecaller Premium APK that has all premium features unlocked so that you don’t have to pay for such features.

Comment sections are always open for you, tell us if you have any questions or if the MOD APK isn’t working; as we will update and will provide a solution to your question as soon as we can. Have a Good Day! Keep Visiting, Meowdroid!

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