What is ISP (Internet Service Provider)? How Does ISP Works? ISPs Divided Into? Everything

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ISP is an Internet service provider, and it is called an organization or company that works to provide internet facilities to everyone.

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Hello guys, once again, welcome you to our blog, meowdroid. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you about the service provider. When a customer buys a product from a shop or online website, in return, the company of that product promises to provide service to the customer at the time of need. This service can be of any kind, like repairing a product if it gets damaged. It is the service provider to guide them to use the product or to manage it easily if there is any problem while using the product. Correspondingly, when we use the Internet, the service providers of the Internet provide us with different services.

To be connected with the Internet, we need to have access to an ISP that provides us with the Internet. We all need a network provider to run the internet on our smartphones and computer. For this, we use one of the sim, Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, Jio, etc., to run the internet on our phone. The company whose SIM (or eSIM) we run the Internet using is our ISP, i.e., Internet Service Provider. There are 17 types of service providers worldwide, but here we are going to give you information about the Internet service provider; what is an ISP? And how does it work? So, first of all, know what ISP is?

What is ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

full form of ISP

The full form of ISP is an Internet service provider. It is called an organization or company that provides internet facilities to people and all the big and small organizations whether we are at the home, office, or traveling. Every time we connect to the Internet, our device connects to the Internet through an ISP. An ISP provides a gateway for the user over the Internet. Along with the Internet, ISPS also provides many other services such as Webpage hosting, domain name registration, mail services, file transfer, etc. Internet service providers, like any other company, charge users for their services. The ISP charges the user in two types, one for providing internet and the other for providing internet connection such as broadband.

Users have to pay an ISP to take an internet connection and use the Internet. This fee is also paid according to the time period, distance, speed, and amount of data download or upload from the user. Internet service providers provide internet facilities to people using different technologies. Internet is delivered to people using technologies like modems, dialog, internet access, DSL, cable internet, wireless broadband, wifi internet, ethernet, and so on. ISPs use all these technologies according to their user demand.


For example, ISPS, DSL, Cable, and Wi-Fi are used to provide Internet service within a small area. Those who require internet for large-scale or business ISPs provide them internet through mediums like ethernet, metropolitan Ethernet, and Frame Relay. These are ISPs that enable users to use the Internet.

metro ethernet

Suppose you have a computer with a modem or a router for the internet. But if your network is not connected with an ISP, then your device will not have a connection to the Internet. That is why any medium will have to stay associated with the ISP; only then can the internet be provided. Now we will know how many categories the ISP is divided into.

How Many Categories are ISPs Divided Into?

The Internet service provider is divided into three categories called Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 2. First of all, Let’s know about Tier 1.

  • Tier 1 ISP: Tier One ISP is the largest ISP company as compared to other ISPs that connect different countries to the Internet. These companies work by providing internet between all countries by laying sea link cables under the sea. Most of the Internet users’ payment for using the Internet goes to this tier first company.
  • Tier 2 ISP: Tier 2 ISP company is a smaller company than Tier 1. When Tier first company brings internet connection to the country through the sea, then Tier 2 company works to take that internet connection to different countries and cities. This means that Tier One Company works to reach the Internet to different countries, and Tier Two Company works to provide Internet to the country’s states.
  • Tier 3 ISP: The smallest ISP works to provide an internet connection to block colonies and homes within the city. Tier 3 ISP company provides internet connection from Tier 2 ISP to homes with connections, and now we will know how ISP works?
ISP Global Traffic Exchange

How Does ISP Work?

The most important thing about the Internet is that no one owns it. The Internet is a global collection of small and large networks where all networks are connected together somehow, and these networks connect computers around the world. All computers that are connected to the Internet become a part of this network. In fact, the Internet is a very large network of interconnected networks called transmission media in computer language. This network is a wire in which information and data are moving around the world.

Many high-bandwidth data lines are used to provide Internet access to every corner of the world, also called the Internet’s backbone. These lines are connected with the major Internet hubs present in different locations, and the same hubs distribute the data at various locations. These internet hubs are called ISPs. Most ISPs provide broadband Internet access via a single cable, DSL, or fiber connection.

For example, if you have a router with a computer in your home to provide internet service, then that router also provides internet only by connecting with an ISP. Your computer in your office is connected to the company’s WiFi even then your company has a contract with some ISP; only then you were getting internet service. In the same way, when you use the internet through a public wifi signal; then there is also a wifi router connected with an ISP to provide you internet. Cellular data towers are also attached to some ISP.

Most ISP companies deliver Internet to people via cable to provide internet via smartphones in today’s time. At the same time, some companies have also gradually started wireless internet service. ISPs also provide Internet service from wireless networking systems in addition to wired medium. Earlier, when the cable system used to provide internet service to the people, the network provider company had to lay the wire in the entire area. But after introducing the wireless medium, only with the help of towers and satellites, the internet reached the people.


With the help of ISP, the internet has been accessible to every person in every corner of the world. Today, with the advancement of technology, competition among ISP companies has increased, due to which people are getting internet service at very low prices. In a way, only these ISP companies have connected the entire world to the Internet, due to which we can get all the information right from home and connect with friends and family living far away.

I hope now you know What it is ISP? And how does it work? You must have got all the information related to it from this article. It has always been my endeavor that you can get complete information on the given topic through our articles so that you do not have to go anywhere else. If there is any problem related to this article, you must tell us in the comment below to try to solve your problem as soon as possible. If you liked this article, then share it as much as possible so that this information can reach other people as well.

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