Why Should You Invest in Android Apps

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Frankly, a mobile app is the brand and user experience, while calls and texts are the most important part of a mobile device. Anyway, the app may be the most important thing for anyone, if it is too cute. Mobile apps can build loyalty and help you stay in the competitive market. Of course, employees of their favorite companies and companies want to develop their mobile app for a personalized user experience. Mobile app development in India has become a solid business as there is a growing desire to develop and manufacture mobile apps.

Beautiful green cabinets are used for their expensive, useful, and compact design. Unlike Apple, Android has a lot of hardware, making it a major player in app development. Wait! There are other benefits to Android app development. Here is why:

According to a recent survey, the Android operating system has captured 97 percent of India’s popular market. India is currently the third most popular country in the world after China and the United States.

Android is the only market that can offer high-quality and affordable features for most mobile devices. Simply put, every Indian customer can buy an Android smartphone in their chosen currency. Due to the division of market and currency, Android continues to dominate the Indian market.

Android offers little access to access

IOS application development company will need a Mac desktop to develop iOS applications. On the other hand, Android applications can be created on Windows, Linux, or Mac platforms. Additionally, Google pays a one-time fee of $ 25 to sign up as a developer, while Apple charges $ 99 per year. Develop an Android app, all you need is a $ 25 operating system to start your development process.

The Android app is made using the JAVA app

Java has proven to be the most powerful programming language and has been used to create many devices. It is an open-source free Java Development Kit (JDK) with developers and the added benefit is that it can run on any system regardless of hardware and software. This powerful programming language is used to develop Android applications.

Since Android applications are written in the Java programming language, they can be moved to other platforms such as Symbian, Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS.

Android is good for configuration

Tired of an old widget? Cold! Download the widget from other applications and replace it with your standard application. Tired of one design? You can also download and replace it. Android allows you to customize your app the way you want it, which is the main reason developers see faster development on Android than any other platform.

Android offers a complete fix

In a fast-growing market, the ability to adapt quickly is very important. The Google Play Store on Android allows you to update the app in an hour, in response to user feedback, while the Store follows a long process of delivering your app. Can download the same app multiple times at the Play Store, where it will take at least a week to download your updated app from the App Store.

In addition to mass downloads, it also provides a version of Alpha and Beta that team members can access to test their applications. Depending on the reviewer’s response, you may fill out and/or combine some features before they actually reach the staff. Therefore, Android provides the perfect platform to test your application.

Android is useful

According to the DAU-UP survey, the average income per player for an Android game was only 20% in January 2010. Surprisingly, it reached 65% by the end of the year. Also, the cost of advertising is 20-50% lower on Android apps, which may be more profitable than iPhone apps. We had published more articles like this checkout Meowdroid Homepage.

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