Amazon Prime Video MOD APK V3.0.331 (Premium Unlocked) 2022

by Ajay Nager • Last Updated

Download Amazon Prime Video MOD APK, a is premium unlocked which means you don't have to pay to watch content on the application.

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Name Amazon Prime Video MOD APK
Size 31M
Version 3.0.331.29147
Category Apps
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Publisher Amazon Mobile LLC
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There are a lot of entertainment apps for our smartphones these days, and Amazon Prime Video MOD APK is one of them. These entertainment apps have great video content to watch and are now replacing our TVs step by step. So you can be entertained by all these types of apps. These apps are great and have a vast range of entertainment content, and Amazon Prime is one of them which is quite famous in India, and you can easily install it from the google play store.

Today in this article, We’re going to tell you about the Amazon Prime MOD APK, which is a modified version and has a lot of entertaining content like shows, series, movies, and other things that you can watch for free.

What is Amazon Prime Video MOD APK?

Amazon Prime offers great entertainment content, and if you want to watch Live TV, Movies, and some TV shows, then this app will come in handy for you. Also, You can access so many shows and other content as the premium version of Amazon Prime Video MOD APK is better, and you can access some of the most famous shows and movies for free. If you are getting bored somewhere and want to eliminate your extra time, this app will help you do so, and I am sure you will not get bored when you use Prime Video.

So, It is a complete entertainment package for all of you as it has some famous shows from different channels, and you will find all the shows of a different channel on this app. So, it is primarily a web version of the TV channel, and it is officially related to Amazon Mobile LLC.

  • Another feature of this app is that you can watch Live TV as well.
  • There are a lot of Bollywood and other movies. And I have already told you that this app is mainly related to Amazon, but there is much more content.
  • You can simply install this app on the google play store for free, but they have some restrictions in the free version of this app, and you can’t watch some premium content, and there will be ads too.
  • So if you don’t want to see ads and want to watch some premium content on this app, you should pay for premium access to this app.

Today we will tell you most of the things according to the premium version of Amazon Prime MOD APK. However, If you want to use the premium version of this app, then you have to pay them monthly Rs 129/ or yearly Rs 999/ as per Prime Video Membership. So, You can simply choose your plan, and then you can pay for the plan. By the way, This app is a little different from other entertainment apps in India, and You will get some extra features in this Amazon Prime Video MOD APK.

Features Of Amazon Prime Video MOD APK

Now, we will talk about Amazon Prime Mod Apk features with some other points. So if you want to know most things about this app, then you should read this article carefully. Now we will tell you some primary things about this app in brief so that you can know about this app completely, and then you can easily compare this app with other apps. After that, you will be able to understand all the pros and cons of this app entirely. This app is excellent, and now we start with some points about this app.

Large Movie Library

There are many movies on Amazon Prime Video MOD APK, and you can watch many movies from Bollywood and others. There are some very famous and hit movies in this app, and you can watch all of them in the premium version of this app. Another great thing about them is that you can also watch most of the latest movies because they regularly add all the latest movies. It is an excellent application as you can be entertained from anywhere with this app, and for that, you just need a good internet connection.

Live Channels

So there is a very cool feature in this app that you can watch Live TV. This app is excellent, and now if you want to watch any TV show, then you don’t need to sit in front of your TV. Now you can just install this app, and this app will help you to watch many more channels. There are lots of news, music, shows, movie channels in this app, and you can watch all of them live.

live tv channels prime video

All you have to do is buy the premium license of this app. There are many good Indian channels in this app, and now you can watch shows anywhere. Thus you can completely update yourself with news and other content with Amazon Prime MOD APK.

Multiple Languages

So there are a lot of local languages ​​in India, and if you want to watch shows and navigation of the app in local languages, then Amazon Prime MOD APK is great for you. More than 12 regional languages ​​are supported in this app. So when you want to see things in your own language, then this app is perfect and helpful for you. You can just browse all the local language content in this app.

You can select your local language in the setting of this app, and then this app will show navigation and all available content in your local language. This app supports a few apps like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, or Gujarati. So this app is excellent, and you can enjoy this language in this app. They are also adding more languages ​​to this app over time. So this is a perfect local language supportive app and is an excellent entertainment app.

Amazon Prime Originals

So nowadays, there are a lot of apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video MOD APK, Amazon, and other apps making their movies and web series. And I must say that they are pretty impressive. They are making some very famous web series and other originals. They don’t take any help from others, and in this core, all the workers of movies or shows work under the app production banner. So nowadays all these originals are very famous, and these things are in trend and so many big stars are working in the originals.

amazon originals

Google Play Store has given a 12+ content rating to these files. So your kids, too, Amazon Prime MOD APK can also make some good original web series, shows, and other entertaining content. Some of them are very famous, and you can also enjoy some other TV series on this app. All this content will be available to you in the premium version. They make most of the online series in a different style. So this app is full of entertainment, and you must try this app once.

Content For Kids

Use this app because there are many animations and other stuff for your kids. Your kids can watch Live TV in this app. And they can also have a lot of fun with this app. So this app is for everyone. They have great content for a person of any age. They are very good at it, and they keep making this app better day by day.

Music Videos Library

Amazon Prime MOD APK has lots of music videos in different languages. You can watch your favorite music videos in this app. They don’t have some most famous videos, but they add all the latest ones in this app. There are a lot of star videos in this app, and you can watch all of them very quickly. This app has about one lack plus entertainment hours in this app. So if you think you might get bored with this app, then you should think again. This app is excellent, and you can’t get bored with this app.

So in this way, you can entertain with all this content in this app. You can simply use this app anywhere on your mobile phone, and all you need is good internet speed for this app. For most things, this app will fully support you. This is a good app, and you don’t need to follow so many steps in this app. This app has content for everyone, and you can also watch TV easily in this app. This app has some fantastic features, which will support your phone perfectly.

Simple UI Theme

Amazon Prime MOD APK has a very relaxed and attractive kind of theme that is blackish, and this theme will not hurt your eyes, and you can easily view and browse all the content in this app. This app will fully support you, and the theme is also adorable and supportive. So when you open this app, it feels great to see the entire app. It is not entirely dark, but this black color is delightful in the app.


Easy To Use

  • Amazon Prime Video MOD APK has a friendly and straightforward user interface so that one can use this app very easily.
  • Anyone can use this app, whether you are a kid or an older adult. Anyone can learn to use this app very easily.
  • There are many helpful features in this app, and you can use all of them to operate this app efficiently.
  • They have made this app very simple, and the concept is similar to other famous entertainment apps.
  • So you can use this app very quickly, and this app will run so smoothly on your phone.

Different Sections

Amazon Prime Video MOD APK has a separate section system, and because of that, you can find most of the things very quickly. There you can scroll down or swipe up to see new content. In this way, this app fully supports all users, and that’s why I am saying this app is perfect, and anyone can use this app very easily.

Download Amazon Prime Video MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Final Word

It is a tremendous video-on-demand streaming application to get some good entertaining content. Still, you will not find many things in the free version, so I suggest you use the premium mod version then you can watch a lot of great series and movies for free of cost. Yes, there are some drawbacks, but they are working on them. Otherwise, this app is excellent, and if you are a daily soup lover, then you must try this app once.

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