what is tcp ip

What is TCP/IP and How Does it Work? + TCP/IP Reference Model

We, humans, communicate with each other to share our points of view and to understand the points of others because things cannot be shared without any communication. Like humans, computers also need to communicate with other computers, and for this, we need to have a means so that the data can be easily shared between […]

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fingerprint scanner

Every Fingerprint Scanner Explained: Optical Vs Ultrasonic Vs Capacitive

There was a time when to unlock the smartphone, you had to enter the pattern, PIN, or password and after that the fingerprint scanner and in today’s date, you can see this fingerprint scanner even in the phone of 6-7 thousand rupees. So now let’s talk about how many different types of fingerprint scanners are […]

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what is digital painting

Digital Painting: What You Need To Do? Where it is Used? And From Where To Learn?

Most of us love to paint. In school, we are taught to paint and you must be well aware that the most favorite subject of school children is art. Painting is an art that is found only in some specific people, maybe you’re one of them. After finishing their studies, everyone dreams of becoming a […]

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is android really secure than ios

Android Vs IOS: Is Android Really Secure than IOS In 2021? Know Everything

Earlier, it seemed to us that the security of Android is not so good, although it has more protection. But this thing was right till five years ago because Google did an excellent job within the last three to four years and ideally improved the security of Android. But the question comes, in what way […]

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what is vpn

What is VPN? How Does It Work? Types Of VPNs – Pros & Cons 2021 Edition

Are you worried about online security and privacy? Do you also think that your personal information will be in the hands of hackers? And do you also want to keep your emails, online shopping, and bill payments secure? If yes, then it is now possible to do so because VPN is available to secure online […]

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What is ISP Internet Service Provider

What is ISP (Internet Service Provider)? How Does ISP Works? ISPs Divided Into? Everything

Hello guys, once again, welcome you to our blog, meowdroid. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you about the service provider. When a customer buys a product from a shop or online website, in return, the company of that product promises to provide service to the customer at the time of need. […]

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What is Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? And Where It Is Used? Advantages & Disadvantages, Father Of AI

Welcome once again to all of you in our Blog Meowdroid, where we always choose for you such a topic that will increase your general knowledge. And at the same time, we also keep in mind that we can straightforwardly tell you things. So that you do not face any problem in understanding the article. […]

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what is 5g technology

What Is 5G and How Does It Works? Know Everything Speed, Future 2021

5G Yes, 4G has not yet reached the people completely and has already started talking about 5G. So many people ask, should we buy a 5G phone? But still, they don’t know what 5G is? When is it coming? Will there be a difference in your data usage? In this article, we will try to […]

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wireless charging

What Is Wireless Charging & How Does It Work Wirelessly? Know Future, Standards

Wireless charging is one such thing that is going to change the world in times to come. Not even the world, but it is going to be an important change that whatever your devices are electronic/electrical devices will be changed you will not see wired charging very soon. Yes after 5 years or 10 years […]

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