Download Netflix MOD APK 2024 (Premium Unlocked, Watch Free, No Ads)

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Download Netflix MOD APK 2024 (Premium Unlocked, Watch Free, No Ads)
Fan of Netflix Contents but can't afford it's monthly subscription fee. Still want to watch them then Netflix MOD APK is the ultimate choice.
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Name Netflix Premium MOD APK
Publisher Netflix, Inc.
Category Apps
Version 8.97
Size 35M
Requires Android 5.0 & Up
Updated On
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During this quarantine period, most of you have all the time in the world, yet nothing to do. Many of you might wish that you had a Netflix subscription. However, a tight budget compels that thought to fade into a glimmer of a dream at the back of your mind. Nevertheless, there is a way to end all your miseries: Download the Netflix MOD APK Premium pro version absolutely FREE, and no subscription is needed at all. This application is suitable for all Android devices. In essence, it is the gateway to a world of free Netflix Modified applications.

Are you intrigued?

Well, you may read further to find a detailed guide on how you can gain access to free Netflix via this website.

What is Netflix MOD APK?

The original Netflix application is an entertainment source for its users to enjoy thousands of movies, documentaries, anime, and tv shows. This service can especially be considered as our companion who stays by our side through thick and thin.

Whether you are in the mood for a chick flick, a horror movie, or a show which will make you laugh till you cry, Netflix has got you covered. You can also download your programs, in case the electricity threatens to give up on you.

However, the perks of downloading this application come at a hefty price. The monthly subscription package can range from USD 7 to USD 10, which tends to be expensive for many – especially students.

On the other hand, Netflix MOD APK correlates with a modified version of the original Netflix application. This service allows the user to enjoy a wide variety of tv shows, movies, and documentaries – along with those which are not available in their region.

Apart from being completely free of cost, you can skip the nuisance of creating an account on this with its Premium feature. Moreover, unlike in the original version, you can watch your favorite programs on unlimited screens.

What’s more, with a separate category for the latest movies, you can enjoy all the classics, like Money Heist, Breaking Bad, and even How To Get Away With Murder. All of the perks mentioned above are bound to keep you engaged until you forget the definition of boredom.

Features Of Netflix MOD APK

No Advertisements

no ads

We know how off-putting advertisements can be. The minute you click anywhere, a thousand pop-ups crowd your screen, compelling you to uninstall the app frustratedly.

Thus, the software that we use in this version is free from all kinds of advertisements. This ensures that your experience is not less than perfect.

Absolutely Free


With the inflation rate touching the sky, we can understand how difficult it must be for the population (on average) to be able to afford Netflix’s charges.

Netflix MOD APK enters the picture as the knight in shining armor. On it, you can enjoy all of your favorite programs – of any genre – for free!

There are absolutely no hidden costs that could come in the way of you enjoying this service.

HD and 4K Videos

4k quality

When it comes to watching your favorite programs, who wouldn’t want to enjoy them in the best resolution?

However, most of you might be aware of Netflix’s packages. One needs to upgrade to the Premium Plan to gain access to HD and 4K videos.

Well, by installing Netflix MOD APK, you can watch videos, in high definition, for free. This feature almost seems too good to be true. Almost.

Unlimited Screens

unlimited screens

You might be wondering what else you could possibly get in a completely free application. Well, the answer to that is Unlimited Screens.

Unlike in Netflix, where the Premium Plan only lets you use 4 screens at a time, there are no limits in Netflix MOD APK.

By installing this modified version, you, your family, and your friends will be able to enjoy the perks of this at the same time! Now, you won’t have to set tight schedules for who can use Netflix and when.

Safe & Secure

safe & secure

Many of you might have had the unfortunate experience of being attacked by viruses and bugs after experimenting with free applications. Due to the frequent stories of betrayal, you may have grown wary of applications – which claim to provide an otherwise costly service for free.

On the contrary, the best part about Netflix MOD APK is that it is completely safe from viruses. We can vouch for this statement’s authenticity. Before making any such claims, we download the application ourselves. Then, we inspect every virtual inch of that service before passing it on to our readers.

Now, you can gradually grow back your trust. Just a heads-up: Before venturing into a new service, be sure to search for its reviews to avoid getting scammed.

Download Netflix MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Now, you may be a bit skeptical regarding where to download this application. We understand your concerns. This is why we have a secure and tested link through which you will be able to install and run this application in no time.

How do we know that this link won’t make you regret your decision? Well, that is because we believe in testing out all possibilities. Then, once we have weighed out the pros and cons of each link, we choose the most efficient one out of all.

That link then takes you straight to the download window without misguiding you along the way. Moreover, you can download the Spotify MOD APK to listen to music for free.

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