mobile processor and types

What is a Mobile Processor? And Types Of Android Smartphone Processor

Mobile processor I think is a very wide area for us to consider. Still, Through this blog, we will discuss the use of the processor for mobile and its effect on gaming. But before we start talking about this, let’s know What is a mobile processor and what are its types? Let’s have a look […]

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AMOLED Vs IPS LCD – Which One is Better and Why? Know Everything 2021

Come on, friends, today I have brought another tremendous article for you, in which I am going to answer a question which people must have searched millions of times on the Internet, IPS LCD Vs. AMOLED. Also, we will clear all your doubts, like which one should we take in both? What is the difference? […]

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what is stock android

What Is Stock Android And What Makes it Better than Android OS? With Smartphone List

We live in an Era where every 7 out of 10 people have an Android smartphone, which indicates how much this operating system is popular among smartphone users. It is one of the most leading mobile OS globally, Which shares 71.93% in the mobile operating system market that is 3/4th of the whole market share. […]

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Snapdragon 765G VS Mediatek Dimensity 800 5G

Snapdragon 765G VS Mediatek Dimensity 800 5G: Comparison, Benchmark Scores 2021

Hey guys, so MediaTek has done some amazing work in mobile chipsets. It has already announced its MediaTek 1000 SOC for flagship smartphones. And at the beginning of this year, Oppo announced the Oppo Renu 5 Pro 5G with the Dimensity 1000 SOC. Although as of now, the difference between the Dimensity 1000 & 1000L […]

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what is an ethernet cable

What Is an Ethernet Cable and How Does It Make Your Internet Faster? Know Everything

Ethernet means it is like a cable or wire which is used to connect computer networking technologies. By ethernet, we can use networks in local area network (LAN), metropolitan area network (MAN), and also in wide area network (WAN). But mainly, it is used in the local area network (LAN). History of Ethernet Now we go back […]

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Increase Battery Life Of Android Smartphone

How To Increase The Battery Life Of Android Smartphone In 2021 (15 Ways)

We are in the world of smartphones where every 1 out of 3 people hold an android smartphone because smartphones have made our lives much easier, like preventing us from buying a computer just for internetwork, standing in a queue for 30 mins for just a phone call. Also, we know that the smartphone’s powerhouse […]

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