smartwatch buying guide

Smartwatch Buying Guide 2021: Find the Perfect Smartwatch For You

Wearable and AIoT devices are getting popular even smartwatches are also becoming popular and that is why I am writing this article. If you are thinking that you have to get a smartwatch then read this article carefully till the end because after reading this article you will know exactly which smartwatch you should take, […]

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best android tablet

Best Android Tablets Of 2021 – How to Select Best Android Tablet?

In the era of smartphones and tablets, Android devices have managed a unique feature for themselves. All Android devices are known for their user-friendly interface, as well as the expensive apps and games that come with them. While these apps are already part of many Android mobile phones, they are so expensive that not everyone […]

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Android Myths

7 Android Myths You Shouldn’t Trust – Don’t Let Them Fool You

Those who ignore Android as a platform are inferior to iOS in almost all aspects, beautiful and useful. The software starts with iOS, where Android is stored or never considered. While Apple products (hardware and software) are often praised as icons of style, quality, and understanding, Android devices cannot share Apple’s magic or whatever we […]

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Android Vs IOS

Android Vs iOS – Which OS Is Better And Why? Know Everything

Android Vs. Apple conversations have been sounding for a long time, and it hasn’t been big yet. Apple has become the ruling king of smartphones. Whether it’s simple and beautiful hardware or efficient software, Apple has left most competitors behind. But this is really a Google change. So, as we all know, it led to […]

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Android Apps What You Need to Know About Them

An Android application is an application that is usually integrated with the Java programming language, as well as its integration with the Software Development Software. However, there are other development applications such as Android NDK or native tools for plugins or applications available in C/C++. There is a model known as Google App Inventor used […]

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Android Based Applications

Androidwa Android has seen significant development in terms of features and applications. Apparently some Android apps and software companies developed crackerjack apps on this platform. Compared to iOS, Android is a widely used operating system. But there are a lot of new ideas in this operating system as well as advanced applications that are weak […]

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Make an android app without coding

Top 5 Sites To Make An Android App Without Coding – Free App Builders Of 2021

When we talk about the phone, it immediately comes to mind, and we know that the Android platform is growing at a fast pace around the world. Most updated phones come with the Android platform. The Android market is packed with more than 500,000 Android apps for more than 500 Android devices. To make the […]

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