What is Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? And Where It Is Used? Advantages & Disadvantages, Father Of AI

Welcome once again to all of you in our Blog Meowdroid, where we always choose for you such a topic that will increase your general knowledge. And at the same time, we also keep in mind that we can straightforwardly tell you things. So that you do not face any problem in understanding the article. […]

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HDD Vs SSD – Hard Disk Drive & Solid State Drive Explained – Speed, Price, Capacity & More

Friends, I have brought an excellent article for you, as well as you had asked that we should post more articles on PC and laptop, some information, some educational. Yes, this is the article where I am going to tell you the basic things, Hard Disk Drive Vs. Solid State Drive? How do they operate? […]

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what is a gorilla glass

What is Gorilla Glass? Does Your Smartphone Screen Really Needs a Screen Protector

Friends, it will always be in your mind that do you need to put a screen protector on the screen of your phone? While on your phone, you have already given the protection of Gorilla Glass or dragon tail. In this article, we are going to answer all your questions, so continue reading. First of […]

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camera megapixel in smartphone

Know The Truth of Camera MegaPixel in Smartphone – MegaPixel, Pixel Size, Image Sensor

Megapixels You must have heard from many people that my phone has a 12, 48, 64, or 108-megapixel camera, and someone must have said that I have an iPhone. Everyone here is talking about megapixels, but when it comes to the iPhone, no one talks about megapixels. Did you know Why? In today’s smartphone, you […]

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wireless charging

What Is Wireless Charging & How Does It Work Wirelessly? Know Future, Standards

Wireless charging is one such thing that is going to change the world in times to come. Not even the world, but it is going to be an important change that whatever your devices are electronic/electrical devices will be changed you will not see wired charging very soon. Yes after 5 years or 10 years […]

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mobile processor and types

What is a Mobile Processor? And Types Of Android Smartphone Processor

Mobile processor I think is a very wide area for us to consider. Still, Through this blog, we will discuss the use of the processor for mobile and its effect on gaming. But before we start talking about this, let’s know What is a mobile processor and what are its types? Let’s have a look […]

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AMOLED Vs IPS LCD – Which One is Better and Why? Know Everything 2021

Come on, friends, today I have brought another tremendous article for you, in which I am going to answer a question which people must have searched millions of times on the Internet, IPS LCD Vs. AMOLED. Also, we will clear all your doubts, like which one should we take in both? What is the difference? […]

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what is stock android

What Is Stock Android And What Makes it Better than Android OS? With Smartphone List

We live in an Era where every 7 out of 10 people have an Android smartphone, which indicates how much this operating system is popular among smartphone users. It is one of the most leading mobile OS globally, Which shares 71.93% in the mobile operating system market that is 3/4th of the whole market share. […]

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