Download Brawl Stars MOD APK V51.248 (Unlimited Everything)

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Download Brawl Stars MOD APK V51.248 (Unlimited Everything)
Download Brawl Stars MOD APK which is a modified version of official one that comes with MOD features such as all characters unlocked, unlimited money/gems/coins, and many more.
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Name Brawl Stars MOD APK
Package com.supercell.brawlstars
Publisher Supercell
Category Action
Version 51.248
Size 264M
Requires Android 4.3 and up
Updated On
4.8/5 - (5 votes)

As you all know, you need Brawl Stars Mod Apk because, in this game, you will get all premium features that are not available in typical Brawl Stars Apk available on the play store. This modified version has a stock of unlimited coins and gems. This game was developed by Supercell company, which has created the best game ever in gaming. You may have played many games made by Supercell, such as Clash of Clans, Clash of Royale, Heyday, and Boom Beach. All these games still rule in our hearts. We have been playing Clash of Clans since childhood, the flavor of which remains intact even today.

This company is based in Finland, whose aim is only to make great games that game lovers will remember for many years. Keeping all these things in mind, Supercell has developed the game Brawl Stars, which has become very popular among game lovers in a brief period.

More than 100+ million people have downloaded the Brawl Stars game from Play Store on their mobile devices. If we talk about game reviews, more than 12+ million positive reviews have been given on Play Store, where this game has got a 4.3-star rating, and this game is at number 6 in Top Grossing Gaming List. But in this game, we have to pay for many premium things that not everyone can buy.

You don’t need to worry about anything. I have provided the Brawl Stars Mod APK file to download in this article. It has unlimited coins and money reserves that you can use to unlock any premium item.

What Is Brawl Stars MOD APK?

Brawl Stars Mod Apk is a modified version of the game created by Gaming Fan Club, which gives you unlimited money, coin, skin, and powerful brawlers. Also, You can upgrade Brawler’s power with the help of coins and gems in this app. You can also use Brawl Pass in this game for free.

play the newest season

You can unlock all premium rewards like Unlimited Trophy, Mega Box, and Big Box with the help of Braw Pass, which is not available in Free Pass. We have to buy this Brawl Pass by paying in Brawl Stars game available on the Play Store. But you will get this pass free of cost; in this revised version, I have provided its downloading link at the end of this article.

What Is Brawl Stars Private Server?

We all know that Supercell gaming company has developed Brawl Stars game, and millions of people have downloaded this game on the play store. Brawl Stars is a 3v3 multiplayer game that has been loved by many. A Private server is a server in which all types of premium items are available, which are also available on a local server, but we have to pay for them.

These private servers provide modified apps that have unlimited coins, money, and gems for which we do not have to pay any kind. So some gaming fan clubs modify the apps available on the play store and host them on their servers, due to which all premium items are available in the app for free.

epic battle royale

Similarly, the Brawl Stars Mod Apk has also been modified by these gaming fan clubs so that we can get all premium items like skins, coins, money, and gems for free. Brawl Stars Mod Apk also works on private servers.

What Is Brawlers In Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game. In this game, you are given a character with the help of which you have to play the game. This character is called Brawler in the game, and there are 36 brawlers in Brawl Stars game. All brawlers differ in appearance and their power, ability, and ability.

The Brawler you get in the beginning doesn’t have that much power. If you want to get new and more powerful brawlers, you’ll have to unlock them, for which you’ll have to win battles and collect trophies, and then you’ll be able to unlock new brawlers.

All Brawlers In Brawl Stars 2023

100s of brawlers

As you all know that in the Brawl Stars game, you get many Brawlers, but in the beginning, you get only one Brawler named Shelly. I’ve broken down the complete list of these controversies by category, and you can check out the complete list below.

Common Brawlers

All brawlers available in this category are common brawlers, which open at a range in Trophy Road rewards when your trophy reaches that level. There are a total of 11 Brawlers in this, whose complete information I have given below; you can read it.

common brawlers


Shelley is available for free at the beginning of the game, whose power deals moderately severe damage; you can use it to kill enemies at short range. Shelly has a powerful gun, which is very helpful in inflicting heavy damage on enemies.


Nita is a standard brawler that automatically unlocks when you have ten trophies in Trophy Road Rewards. Nita looks like a baby bear with a superpower called Shock Waves. With the help of Mahashakti, Nita annihilates the enemies from a distance. Nita can attack multiple enemies at once from a distance. This Brawler can easily find enemies hiding in the bushes as the bear smells its prey from a distance.


Colt is a standard brawler that opens with 60 trophies in Trophy Road Rewards. It has two powerful guns with the help of which it can kill distant enemies. One of the drawbacks is that it has low health power, but it has high speed and power, allowing you to kill enemies very quickly.


Bull Brawler opens when there are 250 trophies in Trophy Road Rewards. It has a powerful shotgun, which is a double-barrel shotgun. This gun does a lot of damage to enemies at short distances. The shotgun reload speed is doubled when the bull’s health power is below 40%. The bull has a gadget with the help of which it can increase its health by 1500 points. The name of this gadget is T-Bone Injector.


In Trophy Road Rewards, 500 trophies are unlocked, in which Jesse Brawler has a weapon that can annihilate enemies from afar. The name of this weapon is the turret, which shoots energy balls at the enemies, causing the enemies to move backward. Jesse’s attack slows down enemies for a while, which can damage enemies.


Dynamic is a brawler who always has dynamite in both hands. It throws this dynamite within a certain radius. If you throw this dynamite right at the enemies, it causes a lot of damage to the enemies. Dynamic always carries a barrel bomb behind its back, which has a lot of power. If the barrel bomb is adequately thrown at the enemies, it causes a lot of damage to the enemies.


Brock has a long-range attack weapon, which is a rocket launcher. This rocket launcher releases multiple missile enemies at once. Its unique feature is that it inflicts considerable damage on enemies and is capable of long-range attacks. Remember to place Brock behind his teammates to maintain his health power and attack enemies from afar.


Bo is a brawler with a lot of health power and long-range weapons to attack. He shoots explosive arrows that cause significant damage to the enemy. Bo also finds enemies hiding in the bushes from afar. Bow hides explosive nets in the ground, which do a lot of damage when enemies step on those explosive nets. He has the art of hiding in the bushes.


Tick ​​is a kind of metal ball brawler who has the power to throw firebombs at enemies and can attack fast. Its health power is slightly less, due to which it should not go too close to the enemies. There is a layer of oil on it, due to which it becomes healthy very quickly. Their unique feature is that it is ready to respond quickly to their scathing attack.


The 8-bit Brawler opens when there are 6000 trophies in Trophy Road Rewards. It looks like a robot with a laser gun. Lightly kills 8-bit enemies with the help of a laser gun. Its health power and damage power are very high, but its walking speed is low, due to which it is not able to run very fast. 8-BIT Brawl Stars is the slowest Brawler in the game.


Emz is a standard brawler that opens when trophy road rewards have 8000 trophies. His health and damage power are mediocre. She uses hair spray to attack the enemies, which slows the enemies down for a while. The hair spray forms a deadly protective layer around it. Emz uses Gorilla Technique, in which she sprays toxic hairspray on enemies and hides in bushes immediately after spraying.

Rare Brawlers

We will talk about all the Rare Brawlers available in Brawl Stars Mod Apk; below, I have told you about all these Rare Brawlers you can read.

rare brawlers

El Primo

El Primo is a rare brawler and looks like a very high-attacking power wrestler. This Brawler is so in love with wrestling that he kills her with his punches when he comes near. Using his unique ability, he can accelerate for 4 seconds. And El Primo punches his enemies.


Barley contains poisonous liquid bottles, which he uses when the enemy comes within his attack range. In this way, the enemy suffers a lot, if the enemy is standing in that poisonous substance, then his power gradually decreases, and the enemy becomes weak. Barley simultaneously throws four bottles of poisonous liquid at the enemy.


Poco is a musical brawler with a guitar. He uses that guitar to generate dangerous musical waves, inflicting incredible damage on enemies. His health power is very high, but the damage power is low. He can heal himself; because of this power, he also gets the health power of his friends.


Rosa is a boxer brawler who delivers powerful punches at her enemies. The unique feature of this Brawler is that it withstands enemies’ attacks. She quickly hides in the bushes, due to which the enemies cannot find her. Rosa is wearing boxing gloves in her hands, with the help of which she kills enemies very severely.

Super Rare Brawlers

This section will tell you about the super rare Brawler whose power is very high, and the weapons are also highly advanced and latest. You will get all these brawlers for free in Brawl Stars Mod Apk.

super rare brawlers


Rico is the super rare Brawler of the Brawl Stars game. His health power is low, but his damage power is very high. His powerful weapon is a bouncing bullet that swirls around. This bullet can hit the wall and come back. This bouncing bullet deals lethal damage to enemies.


Darryl has powerful guns and inflicts very lethal damage to the enemy at short ranges. He fires both guns simultaneously, inflicting the most damage on enemies. He looks like a pirate and has a powerful weapon in both his hands.


She is a female brawler looking like a pirate who has a shotgun. Whenever she fires her rifle, bags full of coins come out of her gun like bullets. Due to this, the enemies do a lot of damage. With his shotgun, Penny can easily break walls and kill enemies hiding behind these walls quickly.


Carl is a brawler who gets into a buggy with his weapon is called a pickaxe, which he uses like a boomerang. He attacks enemies with his ax while driving. The ax injures the enemies whenever he throws his weapon and comes back to him himself. One of the drawbacks of this Brawler is that it cannot launch its second attack until its weapon is withdrawn.

Moreover, The unique thing about Karl is that it deals a lot of damage to the enemies causing the enemies to take a lot of damage. When Carl walks, he holds hot stones behind him. If a player of the enemy team sets foot on these hot stones, then it causes a lot of damage.


Jackie looks like a construction worker. He has a jackhammer as a weapon, on which he stands and jumps around. The cap he is wearing protects him from the deadly attacks of enemies—Jackie troubles enemies with the help of Jack Hammer. Jack Hammer deals lethal damage to enemies in a specific range, and Jack Hammer can easily break walls.

Epic Brawlers

As you all know, epic brawlers are very special brawlers; Their strength and weapons are tremendous. Using these brawlers can inflict a lot of damage on enemies. Below I told you about all these Brawlers which you can read.

epic brawlers


Piper is an epic brawler whose weapon is an umbrella, with which he shoots like a gun. This chhatra of Piper inflicts a lot of damage on enemies and slows them down. Piper puts grenades around him when an enemy comes near these grenades. Then these grenades do a lot of damage to the enemies.


Pam is an epic brawler. She attacks her enemies with junk metal. She shoots scrap metal with her weapon like a bullet at enemies, causing significant damage to enemies. This Brawler is used to inflict more damage on enemies at short distances. This Brawler deals damage to the enemy over a vast area.


Frank is an epic brawler who uses the hammer as a weapon. He swings this hammer in the air, which causes jerks. This shockwave does a lot of damage to enemies standing far away. Frank’s health power is very high, and the ability to tolerate enemy attacks is also very high. Frank strikes the ground with his hammer, creating a shockwave that slows enemies down and damages much.


Bibi is an epic brawler who uses a baseball bat as a weapon. She spins this baseball bat in the air, causing shockwaves that do great damage to enemies. Bibi has another weapon. That arm is called Bubblegum, which she uses when all her powers reach a limit. She then throws Bubblegum at enemies with the help of a baseball bat, and the attack inflicts significant damage on the enemies.


Bea is a female brawler with low health power, but his attack power is very high. Bea is more capable of long-range attacks, and If we talk about his attack system, then he is capable of firing from distant enemies. She builds a circle of honey around her, which prevents enemies from approaching her.


Nani is an epic brawler and looks like a female brawler robot. She has poor health, but she does a lot of damage to enemies. Nani has a big eye with which Nani looks at her friends. If we talk about Nani’s superpower, then she has a weapon with the help of which she shoots light bullets like bullets on enemies whose shape is like a diamond. Nani is known for long-range attacks.

Mythic Brawlers

So now we will talk about Mythic Brawlers, which is very little information. Myth brawlers are very dangerous and keep fighting. These brawlers have fast speed and the power to inflict damage on enemies. Below I have explained in detail about Mythic Brawlers, which you can read.

mythic brawlers


Mortis can defeat enemies very quickly. Mortis’ health power is a bit low, and it’s not that unique to talk about Mortis’ attack power. But still, he inflicts excellent damage on all the enemies that come before him. A unique feature of this Brawler is that it has a group of bats. If he leaves these bats on the enemy’s side, then they do a lot of damage to the enemy.


Tara is a very deadly brawler who uses tarot cards as a weapon. She throws these tarot cards at once at the enemies. Due to this the enemies have to suffer a lot. When Tara uses her superpower, she calls it a small form, which has a lot of health power and is also very fast.


Gene uses Magic Lamp to attack enemies. He drops the magic ball with his magic lamp at enemies, inflicting significant damage. If the enemy does not hit this magic ball, then this magic ball is scattered in different directions in six parts. Jean has another weapon called the Magical Hand, which captures enemies and brings them.

Max Brawl Star

Max has fast attack power, in which he fires four projectiles directly at enemies with his blaster. Max has a magical energy drink, and by drinking this energy drink, she can speed up her pace. Max has a superpower that protects him from enemies. When its health power is low, then its health power starts increasing.

Mr. P Brawl Star

Mr. P is a brawler looking like a penguin, whose primary weapon is a suitcase. He throws this suitcase at the enemies, causing great injury to the enemies. The briefcase falls on enemies, the bag bounces off and falls to the ground, and a massive explosion occurs. Due to this the dispute standing in that place causes a lot of damage.


The sprout is a brawler that uses the seed as a weapon. He throws these seeds at the enemies, although this seed is no ordinary seed. When these seeds fall on the enemies, a huge explosion occurs, causing significant damage to the enemies. He eats grass to increase his health.

Legendary Brawlers

Legendary brawlers are very special brawlers, and finding these Brawlers is not that easy. But you will get all these Brawlers free in Brawl Stars Mod Apk, which you can use to defeat the enemies; below, I have given complete information about these brawlers, which you can read.

legendary brawlers

Spike Brawl Star

Spike is a brawler that looks like a cactus and uses cactus grenades to attack, inflicting significant damage on enemies. Talking about the health power of Spike, it has a drawback, but it deals a lot of damage to enemies.

Crow Brawl Star

He uses the dagger to kill the enemies and looks like a crow. Maybe that’s why he got the name crow. He throws three blades to injure enemies simultaneously. These daggers carry deadly poison. He can throw 14 knives at once by jumping in the air. This Brawler is capable of attacking long distances.


Leon is a brawler with little health power, but his attack power is very high. He is known to attack from short range. The weapon with which he strikes is the spinner blade. Spinner blades deal more damage to enemies at shorter distances.Leon can make himself disappear for some time using his superpower, for which he uses a smoke bomb. When enemies surround him, he imitates himself so that the enemy does not know who is honest and fake, and he efficiently runs away.


Sandy is a very lazy brawler who uses sand as a weapon. He throws this sand at the enemies, causing significant damage to the enemies. Speaking of Sandy’s superpower, it can bring sandstorms, causing it to damage multiple enemies at once. Sandy’s healing power slowly builds up within the sandstorm.

Chromatic Brawlers

So friends, now we will talk about Chromatic Brawlers; these Brawlers are very rare, they are a total of 2 Brawlers, about which I have given information in full detail below, which you can read.

Gale Brawl Star

Gail is a colorful brawler whose primary weapon is a bellows, with which he fires snowballs at enemies, which can inflict significant damage on enemies.

Surge Brawl Star

Surge is a chromatic brawler who looks like a robot wearing dark glasses over his eyes. Serge’s job is to protect the parties. That’s why surge is also called protector. Serge is a brawler who opens in the brawl box. The surge’s health power is of medium level, and its damage power is also of average level. The surge is fully upgraded in three phases while simultaneously maximizing its strength.

Download Brawl Stars MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)

As you all know, the Brawl Stars game available on the Play Store is top-rated and addictive. When you play this game, you will feel that you should also have the legend and epic brawler, with which you will be able to win many battles easily, but you will have to pay some money to unlock these brawlers. Below I have given the download link of Brawl Stars Mod Apk.

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So, friends, let’s download Brawl Stars Mod Apk by clicking on the download button given below and enjoying all the premium features available in it. By downloading this modified app, you will be able to unlock all the Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic and Legendary, and Chromatic Brawlers available in the game.

Features Of Brawl Stars MOD APK

The Brawl Stars game is so famous as you all know that we can play this game with our friends and the unique thing about Brawl Stars game is that it is a multiplayer game. This game is slowly becoming very popular, and has been downloaded by millions of people on the Play Store. Below I have told you about all the premium features of Brawl Stars Mod Apk, which you can read.

rank up and customize
  • This modified version contains a collection of new weapons.
  • You can play this game with your friends very quickly.
  • This modified app is secure, and you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • In Brawl Stars Mod Apk, you will find no shortage of coins, money, and gems that you can use to unlock all the brawlers.
  • There is no need to root your Android device.
  • You can add your friends to this game with the help of Facebook.
  • Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game.
  • This game is available for free download on our website.
  • You can download this game for free.
  • In this modified game, you’ll get Brawl Stars, Private Server.
  • In the Brawl Stars game, you’ll get a free Brawl Pass, a premium pass.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is the best Brawler in Brawl Stars?

In my opinion, Mr. P is the best Brawler in the Brawl Stars game, with the help of which I have won many battles.

Who is faster, Crow or Leon?

Leon has the highest speed in Brawl Stars game which I have used in many battles, and Leon is by far the fastest Brawler.

Can you play Brawl Stars on PC?

Yes, you can play the Brawl Stars game on PC; for this, you will need some third-party software like Bluestacks software. You can also play the Brawl Stars game on PC by using this.

Final Word

I hope you downloaded Brawl Stars Mod Apk very quickly from the above-given downloading link, and you didn’t face any problems. In this modified app, you will get all the features you have to buy by paying for the Brawl Stars game available. All Chromatic, Super Rare, Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Legendary brawlers are available in this Brawl Stars Mod Apk, which you can easily choose from and complete many missions with them.

In the end, I just want to say that if you liked this article of ours, then do share it with your friends, Facebook groups, and WhatsApp groups so that many people know about this game.

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