BYJU’S Premium APK Download (MOD, Fully Unlocked)

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BYJU’S Premium APK Download (MOD, Fully Unlocked)
BYJU'S Premium APK - The Learning App is an application through which one can study and be prepared for their exams with their smartphone.
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Name BYJU'S – The Learning App
Publisher Byju'S
Category Apps
Size 144M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
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BYJU’S, as you know, is a learning app that consists of courses of various classes. So if you are a student and are not clear about the concepts taught, then this application is undoubtedly for you. A good thing about this is, the courses offered are arranged in proper order so that the students can understand better. The video courses are provided to the classes respectively and in an organized order for better understanding.

As you know, education is given high priority at present because, in this competitive world where the job is challenging to get, a well-qualified person has more chances of securing a job offer. Many parents want to ensure their child’s future by providing quality education. Byju’s App serves this purpose as the learning environment here is fantastic.

The popularity of BYJU’S THE LEARNING APP MOD increased soon because the informative nature of this App attracted the audience, and the best product in the market is always appreciated. There are already millions of downloads that show how popular the App is. School-going students can definitely take the help of this App as the teaching faculty here is excellent and thus explains in a detailed manner. The learning process here in BYJU’S Mod Apk is straightforward.

This article will provide the download link of BYJU’S Mod Apk. I am also using this App for my academic activities, and the results are pretty impressive. The videos here are simple and easy to understand for the students. The simpler things are, the easier it is to learn.


Byju’s Mod Apk provides students with informative videos and is one of the popular learning applications. Talking about popularity, it has more than 40 million downloads at present. Since this is an informative app, people come here to gain knowledge and really like it. Anyone can access the video even if you live in any part of the world.

Students can opt for this if they want to understand the concepts. The application is more preferred by the students of classes 4th to 12th as the learning criteria are simple. Byju’s App provides exam preparation for competitive exams. Exams like JEE, NEET, and IAS require a lot of practice, and here is the syllabus for them.

BYJU’S MOD APK is a complete package of information. Any student who is not comfortable with offline classes can opt for them.

Features Of BYJU’S Premium APK

Many applications have some fantastic features, and it is the same with this application. Best features always attract customers, and so is the case here. Below, We have mentioned some of the features of this application that will definitely help you decide to choose this application without any confusion.

Live Classes

live classes

Since the pandemic period, this has been a common practice among students. Just as communication is key, learning is always best when constant contact occurs. In a live class, if any student faces any difficulty or doubt in any subject, they can easily ask concerned tutors questions and clear doubts. Here in BYJU’S Mod Apk, you can understand the lessons along with the engaging videos available. Additional topics are covered so that the students are well prepared.

Competitive Exam Preparations

BYJU’S Mod Apk can be a good app for students preparing for competitive exams as the learning environment is excellent. Many of the tutors here are toppers from different fields. After preparing for CSAT, Mains, and GS Prelims, one can take the help of IAS toppers and make the most of the teachings here. Similarly, JEE aspirants or NEET aspirants can take the exam here and check whether they are ready for their exam or not.



Tests are often referred to as the best strategy to gauge our skills. In this BYJU’S Premium MOD, chapter-wise lessons are available to do the tests according to the preparations. In offline mode, we often feel lazy to take Tests, but the process here is designed in a learning way, and that’s awesome.


If you are studying or preparing for something, you must analyze how things are going, which will help you prepare yourself and help you perform well. We like to learn the chapters first where there is more interest. So we can analyze the lessons here and learn accordingly. This can quickly be done with the help of BYJU’S Mod Apk.



BYJU’s Mod also helps with chapter exercises. As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, students who do regularly can also score marks in their weak subjects. You can do the exercises according to the chapters prepared and the level of knowledge. To learn more things, what is most important is practice.


Revision is what we have to do in most of the areas to improve and remember the topics learned. Re-reading what you have learned from the past can give a boost and can also help in increasing the power of remembering. As it is often said that we should develop the habit of reading because it is really beneficial.

Knowledge Graphs

To understand the principles and better understand the subjects, the knowledge graph is really essential. Graphs help us understand progress and work accordingly. BYJU’S Mod Apk displays knowledge and progress related graphically.

Fun Learning

fun learning

Here in BYJU’s Mod Apk, the learning environment is in such a way that it helps the students to concentrate easily without any problem. The consultants here are supportive and helpful. As we know, we cannot focus when there is a disturbance, so it is a perfect platform to learn things.

Features Of BYJU’S Premium MOD APK

Here are some premium features, which are discussed below. BYJU’S Mod Apk brings a collection of top features which are considered as good as education.

No Ads

Ads are somewhat annoying when we try to focus on something. BYJU’S Premium MOD can be your best option to avoid such issues. There are no advertisements so that people can learn their lesson without interruption. BYJU’S Mod Apk is a good app because it is designed to give a friendly environment to the users.

Screenshot Restrictions Removed

For studies, we usually keep essential points so that we can revise or note them later. In the play store version, the screenshot is restricted, and students find some difficulty in accessing things. Here in BYJU’S Mod Apk, this restriction has been removed, and hence now important notes can be saved anytime, anywhere without any difficulty.

Download BYJU’S Premium APK Latest Version (MOD)

This article shares the direct download link of BYJU’S Premium Apk through which you can easily download the application, and there are no faulty redirects. Hence, users will not waste their time in various processes like on other websites. The process to download this application is also simple; you just have to click on the download button given below.

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Students who prepared their lesson with the BYJU’S Mod Apk appear to be doing really well in their studies. Here students clear their doubts and are continuously updated with their lessons. As per the statistics, around 42 million students are preparing for this application, and the number is increasing day by day, which is really a huge number and is overgrowing.

On average, 71 hours+ of learning is done by the vast number of students. The study environment is such that students are interested in learning their lessons. Parents also have positive reviews about BYJU’S Premium Apk because they believe their grades have increased. Around 90% of the students have excelled in their careers among those using this App. Students around me have also joined in, and they have improved their grades and doing well. That’s why I think BYJU’S Mod Apk is a good application for study purposes.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

This remarkable application lets anyone do their classes right from their home. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions by users.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, BYJU’S Mod Apk and many of our users regularly use it. Developers also bring regular updates to improve this platform.

Can I access premium features?

Yes, you can access the premium features of BYJU Apk here. Well, the policies of this platform keep changing, so we are bringing new ways. Let us know if the current one doesn’t work.

What are extra features included?

BYJU’S Premium Apk also includes many features like No Ads, Extra Classes, etc.

  • No Ads
  • Test papers
  • Competitive Preparation
  • Live Classes

Are ads removed? 

Yes, the ads were removed in Byju’s Mod Apk. Here students can prepare without any disturbance.

Final Word

This article shares the direct download link of BYJU’S Mod Apk. It is one of the best learning applications, and students can make the most out of it by creating lessons from here. It is becoming difficult to get out of the house during this pandemic. This App can be the savior for you. If you liked the article on BYJU’S Premium Apk, then share it with your friends. Have a Good Day! Keep Visiting, Meowdroid!

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