Download Carrom Pool MOD APK 15.1.0 (Unlimited Money, Easy Win, Always Six)

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Download Carrom Pool MOD APK 15.1.0 (Unlimited Money, Easy Win, Always Six)
We used to play carrom board game with friends in childhood. Today, we can play it online using Carrom Pool MOD APK Game.
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Name Carrom Pool MOD APK
Category Games
Version 7.1.1
Size 40MB
Requires Android 4.4 and Up
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Carrom Pool is the most loved board game of all time. We can play carrom pool games on our android device very easily. It gives us the real feel of the carrom board game. However, Today in this article I’m gonna share its MOD APK that has next-level features through which you can easily dominant other players. Moreover, You will get unlimited coins and gems in this app. For all these Coins and Gems, you had to pay in the Carrom Pool game available on the Play Store but with Carrom Pool MOD APK, you don’t have to pay.

What is Carrom Pool MOD APK?

It is a modified version of the carrom pool game available on the play store, which provides unlimited coins and gems. In this modified app you will not be bothered by any kind of ads. Also, Carrom Pool Season Pass is provided for free with all premium chests, avatars, frames, and emoji, strikers unlocked.

Carrom Pool is a great multiplayer game that you can enjoy and play with your friends and family members, and the game is thrilling. In which you have to score the most points on the carrom board to defeat your opponent. This modified app will provide you with all the premium things that you could not use in the carrom pool game for free, for which you had to pay some money.

Game Modes Of Carrom Pool MOD APK

As you all know, the carrom pool game gives us a realistic carrom board-playing experience. At the beginning of the game, we get to play three game modes, which also have several stages. About all these game modes, I have told in full detail below what you will get to see in these modes.

Play Disc Pool

In its disc pool mode, the first two stages consist of six white and six black pieces and a striker’s first 2 levels Paris Stage and Delhi Lounge. After these two levels, the number of pieces increases from 6 to 9, and the entry fee is even higher. There is no red puck in this game mode.

Play Carrom

This game mode is very cool and exciting. At the beginning of the game comes the Paris stage, where we get to play six black pucks and six white pucks. The number of pucks increases from 6 to 9 in all subsequent levels. The winner gets gifts like coins, chests, and gems, etc. This includes an additional red-colored puck and it has more points.

Play Freestyle 

Freestyle Carrom is the most traditional game mode of the pool game. If you want to play carrom board in a traditional way, then this mode is perfect for you. In this, the player who scores 120 points first wins and gets all the coins. The game has 50 points for a red puck and 10 points for a black puck, 20 points for a white puck.

Stages of Carrom Pool Game

While playing the carrom pool game initially there are three options of play disc pool, play carrom and play freestyle, one has to choose one of these three options to play the game. These three game modes have different stages and levels. If you increase your entry fee, so does your winning prize. Below I have provided a list of all these levels and stages which you can read.

StageEntry FeeWinning Prize
Paris Stage200400
Delhi Lounge5001000
London Park26005000
Istanbul Bazar550010000
Dubai Sky Bar1100020000
Mumbai Arena50000100000
New York Square280000500000
Singapore Plaza5800001000000

Carrom Pool Season Pass

The Carrom Pool game has many premium features for which we have to pay. There are many things in this game that you cannot use for free. But in this, you get the option of a Carrom Pass. In which if you buy Carrom Pass then you get many rewards. I have explained both the free pass and premium pass available in this game in detail below, which you can read.

Free Pass 

In the Free Pass, you get all the low-level rewards, including Pro Chests, Master Chests, Coins, and Gems. That is, you do not get to see any premium prize in the free pass.

Premium Pass

All premium prizes are available in the premium pass of the carrom pool game. We have to pay some money to buy a premium pass. Premium Pass has rewards like Pro Chest, Master Chest, Supreme Chest, and many more latest emojis. Carrom Pool offers multiple frames and avatars to make the game’s profile attractive.

You don’t need to pay a single rupee to buy this premium pass, because, in Carrom Pool Mod Apk, the premium pass will be completely free, which you can use to get all the premium rewards.

Shopping Section Of Carrom Pool

In the carrom pool game, you get a section of the shop where you can sow premium items. Here you can buy premium chests, gems, and coins. I have provided a list of all premium items available in this shop section below, which you can read.

Premium Chest

In premium chests you will find three types of crates, which when opened have different prices and rewards, gems are needed to buy these crates. Below I have given a list of these three chests, in this list, you have given information about the price and reward opening in the chest.

Chest NamePrice In ChestNeeded Gems
ProCoins Up to 9000, Gems Up to 30100
MasterCoins Up to 18000, Gems Up to 70200
SupremeCoins Up to 50000, Gems Up to 180520

Gems Section

There is also a Gems Buy section in the Shop section of Carrom Pool where we can buy gems. Here are six types of packages to buy gems, I have provided the list of these packages below which you can read. The price information of gems is also available in this list.

Pack NameGems QuantityGems Prize (₹)

Coins Section

You can buy unlimited coins from the coins section. Here are six types of packages that you can buy according to your budget. I have provided a list of these packages below, which you can read. This list contains complete information about the prices of coins.

Pack NameCoins QuantityCoins Prize (₹)
Handful Of Coins 1000049.00
Bunch Of Coins  2000099.00
Pile Of Coins 55000249.00
Bag Of Coins 115000490.00
Locker Of Coins 260000990.00
Vault Of Coins 8000002500.00

Equipment Section Of Carrom Pool

There is a section of equipment in the carrom pool game where we get to see two types of equipment, first name of the equipment is a striker and the second one is named pucks. Below I have given detailed information about these two devices, you can read it.


The role of the striker is the most important in the carrom board game; It is challenging to play a carrom board game without it. The equipment section lists the different types of strikers that you can unlock in the reward chests. The aim and timing of the power of all these strikers are different.


There is nothing unusual in the pucks section, and here you can change the color of the pucks, if you want to try something new in the game, you can select the puck from here, there will be a collection of more than 30 pucks. All these pucks will be unlocked at different levels when you play all the game modes of the carrom pool game.

Why should you download Carrom Pool Mod APK?

As you all know, Carrom Pool is a multiplayer game that we can enjoy by playing with our family members. There is a problem in the carrom pool game that we get limited coins in it, which is a major drawback of this game.

We need coins when we play carrom board in any game mode. Then we have to put some coins as an entry fee in the game. But sometimes it happens that we don’t get what we want like in the carrom pool game there are many premium items which we want to buy but we don’t have that much money.

So to be able to take those premium things for free, I have provided in this article Carrom Pool Mod APK to download. In this modified version of the carrom pool game, you will get all premium items free to use. You can use it freely.

Download Carrom Pool MOD APK

Now it’s time you download Carrom Pool Mod Apk. Below I have given its downloading link. By clicking on this downloading link you will be able to download the latest revised version of Carrom Pool and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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FAQs Regarding Carrom Pool

Which striker is best in the Carrom Pool?

If you want to be the legend of the carrom board, then Twister Striker is the best strike that can help you win all the carrom pool games.

Is Carrom Pool offline?

Yes, you can play the carrom pool games offline as well.

How do I change my carrom pool country?

If you want to change your country in the carrom pool game then login to, there you can change the country by going to your profile settings.

Final Word

I hope you have downloaded Carrom Pool Mod Apk from the above-given downloading link. All paid features are provided free of cost in this app, as well as unlimited gems and coins. Carrom Pool Game is a multiplayer board game that you can play from home on your mobile device. The HD graphics of this game give a real carrom board playing experience.

In my opinion, You should not play this game with Carrom Pool Mod Apk because then the fun of playing the game completely ends. When you have unlimited coins and gems, you won’t feel like losing and winning, and then you will find the game boring.

I would say that you download and play this game from the play store. I have also given a link to download this game from the play store in this article. You already know my opinion, now how do you want to play the game.

We used to play carrom board game with friends in childhood. Today, we can play it online using Carrom Pool MOD APK Game.

Lastly, I would like to tell you that if you liked this article of ours, then do share this article in your WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, and with your friends. I hope you have downloaded Carrom Pool MOD APK Unlimited Coins and Gems and you will enjoy this game to the fullest. Have a Good Day! Keep Visiting, Meowdroid!

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