Dragon City MOD APK V23.10.3 (Unlimited Money, Everything Unlocked)

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Dragon City MOD APK V23.10.3 (Unlimited Money, Everything Unlocked)
Everyone wants to see dragons but also they know that it is not possible. However, you can see and also feed them in Dragon City MOD APK.
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Name Dragon City MOD APK
Package es.socialpoint.DragonCity
Publisher Socialpoint
Category Games
Version 23.10.3
Size 137M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Updated On
3.7/5 - (3 votes)

Dragon City Mod Apk is for dragon lovers who want to explore the world with them and create a virtual world full of excitement. Here users have to create their own dragon city. Not only that, they must be fed well in order to make dragons stronger and then compete with other Dragon Masters.

The starting character of this game is a baby dragon. In order to make the dragon city mod character stronger, users have to feed them—the more powerful your dragon, the higher your chances of victory over opponents. More than 80M+ are included in this exclusive game, so you can compete among them and make your mark.

To feed a mighty creature like a dragon, one needs a massive amount of gold and food. In the standard version, earning is a bit tricky as one has to work hard and clear the levels. Here is Dragon City Mod Apk; unlimited resources can be enjoyed so that users can easily upgrade their stuff. A download file for Dragon City Mod Apk is provided in this special post. Tell us about this app in the comment section below.

What is Dragon City Mod APK?

Dragon City Mod Apk is a modified version of the Dragon City game. It has unlimited resources to make quick progress in the game.

In this special edition, anyone can free any caged dragon, review their unlimited dragon times, grow unlimited foods, etc., and much more. So you get a hold of things

Apart from these, there are some more features too which include:

  • Unlimited food for your dragons
  • All dragons unlocked from 1st level
  • Review dragon unlimited times
  • Maximize dragon level
  • Expand dragon city
  • Unlock greenhouse
  • Open any ancient portal

The more you feed your mighty creature, the greater its power and the more powerful it becomes. Plus, you can customize your dragon using the gold provided. This will help the users to stand out. In addition, you can accelerate the hatching period by providing unlimited gems.

There are no limits in Dragon City Mod APK, and therefore upgrades are faster here than in the original version. Mighty dragons like the Obsidian Dragon and the Wildfire Dragon can also be unlocked using these unlimited resources.

Features Of Dragon City MOD APK

This dragon city game is full of great things, thus attracting users. Thus the sheer number of downloads determines how popular the game is. Some of the cool features of Dragon City Mod Apk are discussed below.

Unlimited Gold & Gems

Gold is the main currency in most games, and it is the same here. Such gold is needed to make any purchases in the game. In Dragon City Mod Apk, it is available in unlimited numbers.

With unlimited gold available here, one can expand his residence. Habitat includes terra habitat, flame habitat, marine habitat, etc. Many dragons are available, such as sea dragons and nature dragons that can be unlocked with this gold.

unlimited gold gems dragon city

Moreover, Gems are essential for the gameplay as well. Using these, one can review their dragon in the middle of a battle and also check out some additional features. Also, the hatching here can be made exquisite by using gems. Dragon City Mod Apk contains different types of dragons, including Volcano Dragon, etc.

100s Of Dragons

100s of dragon

There are 80M+ dragons in this game, and hence there is no limit to choosing the best one for you. You have to fight with dragons and defeat them to get a new one. There can be multiple combat situations to use dragons according to the situation. There are different types of dragons, including Rock, Flame, Jungle, Thunder, and Air. Thus the fun continues.

PvP Combat Battle

player vs player battle

Player vs. player is enjoyable because we can show our skills here. Dragon City Mod Apk provides a variety of options so that we can easily defeat our opponents. It is always recommended to choose a mighty dragon so that you can advance in battle with more exciting rewards.

Unlimited Everything

This means that in Dragon City Mod, everything resource is found in unlimited numbers. As the level increases, your experience also increases, which increases the fun level. Since there is unlimited gold and gems, you can do upgrades easily.

Download Dragon City MOD APK (One-hit Kill, Premium Features)

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Some More Features
More features to this game include:

  • Unlock any dragon
  • Unlimited foods
  • Unlimited gems
  • Win every PvP battle
  • Empower your dragons
  • Unlock new arenas

How To Download & Install Dragon City Mod APK?

It is straightforward to download and install this application. Just a few steps need to be followed to complete the process. The steps given below can help you do your job efficiently.

Step 1: First of all, click on the download button given above, and this will take you to the download page where Dragon City Mod APK file is available.

Step 2: Click on the download button on the new page, and the process will finally start.

Step 3: If doing it for the first time, then allow downloads from unknown sources, and this can be done from the settings.

Step 4: After downloading Dragon City Mod, go to the file manager and search for the file.

Step 5: Once found, just click on install and start playing after the success of the installation.

Note – If you have an already downloaded file, then uninstall that first.


This incredible adventure game is full of fun. The mighty dragons add to the excitement. Well, our users have some questions, which we are answering below.

Is Dragon City Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, this game is safe. Many of our users often play this, and the developers regularly keep updating this game.

Why do I need to Feed dragons?

In the initial phase, users get Baby Dragon, and then they have to make the dragon big and powerful; it needs to be fed more and more. A mighty dragon helps ensure victory over your opponents. In this process, their powers and levels increase.

How can I create a legendary dragon?

You have to unlock legendary dragons in any standard version. In this Mod APK, all the legendary dragons are already opened, and hence one can choose their desired one and start playing.

Final Word

We tried to share every possible thing about this game, from typical to exceptional features, so that your knowledge about this game will be more as compared to other players. Moreover, We had given Dragon City MOD APK, which is nothing but a modified version of the official one, which comes with some fantastic features that I already mentioned above. So, If you directly skipped to the download section, you must know about the features.

I hope the MOD works for you and have played this game with full excitement. Still, if you have any doubts, then you can ask us in the comment section.

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