Flip Diving MOD APK V3.6.60 (Unlimited Money/Tickets/Coins)

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Flip Diving MOD APK V3.6.60 (Unlimited Money/Tickets/Coins)
Let's dive into the water with a unique style in the game, Flip Diving MOD APK. Also, You will get some MOD features here such as unlimited money.
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Name Flip Diving MOD APK
Publisher Motionvolt Games Ltd
Category Games
Version 3.6.60
Size 80M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Updated On
5/5 - (1 vote)

For the thrill and experience of real life, Flip Diving Mod Apk is a perfect match as It is designed for any age group who wants to enjoy the experience of diving. It is a diving game that offers its players the to flip in beautiful and incredible diving waters. It gives you the fun of front, and backflip with a coup. The game offers you multiple locations from where you can dive into the water.

You have to dive safely and smoothly with your moves in the water. In the case when you hit the rocks, it will consider a failed attempt. The game also features several characters with unique skills, weights, and physics. After winning each level, the game becomes more exciting and challenging. Also, the height of the diving spot increases after each level. But wait, let me tell you something there is a big reward for a prosperous dive in the water in the form of coins.

Gameplay: Flip Diving MOD APK

The developer has designed this game with the most straightforward interface so that we can learn the gameplay in no time. The game is suitable for any age group where you can experience the real-life tricks of diving from different locations and heights.

The object of the game is that you can dive smoothly into the water without hitting the rocks and using a variety of tricks in the air. After a successful dive, you will be rewarded with a specific number of coins according to your level. It will be considered a failed attempt if you hit rocks while diving. A successful dive helps you increase your level, and by increasing the level, the height of the diving spot also increases, which makes the game more interesting.

Features Of Flip Diving

Diving Tricks

driver tricks

An unlimited number of diving tricks vary from level to level. Each level contains a new diving skill with a new way of diving. When you apply various flips in the air while diving with a successful dive, it unlocks a new diving trick for you, along with tons of coins as your reward. Different diving tricks are unlocked for you when you do flips like front and backflips with the coup.

Multiple Locations

The only diving location in the game will bore the game thrill and experience. Hence, the developer creates various diving spots in the game that add to the game’s craze. The game is a 3-dimensional diving game so that you can dive into the water from different diving spots like reefs, boats, trampolines, and more.

Many Characters to Choose From

collect & dive

There are many characters in this game. A single character in the game will bore the game. So you can choose your favorite character from the list in the game. Every aspect has its own weight, skill, and physics. Each role competes with the others. These characters are unlocked when you reach a specific level in the game. Each character has the uniqueness of making a skillful and successful dive without hitting rocks.

Features Of Flip Diving MOD APK

In such a situation, you must be asking yourself what is Mod Apk. This is a modified version of Flip Master and Flip Diving’s official application. If you are facing difficulties in collecting coins or suits of different characters in Flip Diving APK, you can download and install the mod version of this game. This version will remove all your difficulties.

flip trick and dive

Yes, you read that right. You will play a game with unlimited coins. With these coins, you can unlock your favorite characters, and you can dive into the water, in a business suit or a penguin suit full of skills. All this is available on the Mod APK version of Flip Diving’s official application.

  • Unlimited Coins: A modified version of this game gives you an unlimited number of coins. You can get whatever you want from this game with these unlimited coins.
  • Unlock Your Favorite Characters: With an unlimited number of coins, you can unlock your favorite character with their skill, weight, and physics. They have unique features that pique your interest in the game. Now: You can dive in the water with penguins and other suites.
  • 50 Jumping Platforms: You are given 50 jumping platforms for free in this version. You will enjoy diving in different diving spots. Every sport has its specific height and direction from which you can dive.
  • Show your friends: The game has a recording option. From that, you can record your favorite dives and showcase your skills with your friends. You can also create your gallery or showcase, which has a massive collection of your stunts.
  • Great Rewards Every Day to Collect: It gave you great rewards daily—just log in during your lunch or twice a day to collect your rewards.
  • Free to Play: You can enjoy the game on your Android for free. And it is also available free for iOS devices by the name of Flip Diving MOD APK. You can enjoy playing for free with unlimited coins and a large number of characters.
  • Graphics: With an impressive physics engine and realistic graphics, you can enjoy the game, and you won’t get bored with the game. Flip and splash in the air during your diving and perform beautiful stunts with realistic HD graphics of the game.
  • Sound/Music: The game’s sound is pleasant as you don’t get bored while playing it.

Can We Hack Flip Diving APK?

Flip Diving APK is very difficult to hack; not only is this game, almost every game is hard to hack, but people use many possible methods to hack the game, they use Lucky Patcher Tool to hack the game, but it is a very time-consuming way to hack a game. So Mod Apk version of this game is available, which has given you an unlimited number of coins, money, and different diving spots with realistic HD graphics and sound quality.

Final Word

Flip Diving Mod Apk is a fantastic and challenging game for those who use challenges for diving with new tricks. In the game, use different tricks and get coins that you use to upgrade different characters like level up and many other essential things. Enjoy the excitement of diving from 50+ jumping locations using different characters with your weight, skill, and physics. If you want to become a good diver, this game is suitable for you, do the tricks here and make yourself a professional diver.

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