Homescapes MOD APK V6.5.2 (Unlimited Stars/Coins)

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Homescapes MOD APK V6.5.2 (Unlimited Stars/Coins)
Use your creative skill to design and decorate the house in the game Homescapes MOD APK where you have an old mansion and your task is to design by using your creative skill.
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Name Homescapes MOD APK
Package com.playrix.homescapes
Publisher Playrix
Category Casual
Version 6.5.2
Size 147M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Updated On
5/5 - (17 votes)

Homescapes Mod APK has come up with a unique idea for ​​decorating the house. In the game, the player assumes the role of a mansion named Austin, and When they realize that their house looks quite ugly, they decide to decorate it by cleaning up the mess, painting the floors, etc.

But, the main problem is that he cannot add new beautiful things inside the house due to lack of money. The game also gives Austin the option to earn some reward by playing the candy game. The more candy he solves, the more reward he gets for buying more items to make the house more beautiful.

Gameplay – Homescapes

Austin has a family; The developer had made him a bald man to make him look like a family man. His son and daughter look very cool in the house and help Austin decorate the house. All the characters in Homescape behave like rational humans and show expressions according to the situation. The look of the house became even more beautiful when Austin came up with more decorations from the coins he earned. The sound of the candy game is similar to candy crush.

Basically, In Homescapes, you have an old mansion, and your task is to design and decorate the mansion using your designer skill to make it look like a new mansion. Moreover, there are lots in the game apart from designing the house like interacting with pets, fixing problems, helping needed ones, and many things that you can do in Homescapes. However, The game is quite similar to Township but has an interesting storyline that engages users to play for a longer time.

Features Of Homescapes MOD APK

Instead of home decorations, there are more features to explore in the game. Following are some of the additional features you will get inside the game:

Renovate House

renovate house

In the beginning, the condition of the house is very bad. Things inside the house are not organized properly, and the player helps to organize all the fallen and broken things to put them in their place. Austin also enlists help from his children to clean the floor and walls, and it gives the same feeling of making things better by helping the old mansion in the game.

Interior Design

Austin also has to think about the house’s look and implement some innovative ideas to find out the best interior plan for the house. Also, Try turning your ideas into reality by changing the look of the house. So, Austin had to think through every little detail from arranging the sofa, the bed, the matrices, the LEDs, the tables, and more. Color and design the walls at home to make them more attractive. The game’s main objective is to convert a typical house into a classic house.

Watch Life & Interact

help them

The player has all the power to control Austin’s mind. You only need to execute some commands and wait for the role of the mansion. For example, if a player gives the right to clean the house, Austin will leave the rest of his work and start cleaning the house. Everything is under control, and you can give orders to them and enjoy watching all they do in the game.

Premium Stuffs

The game sells some pro decorating items, which can make the house more beautiful. You can’t unlock the premium home theme even after getting a high score in the game. To make the house better than before, the player has to buy it by investing real cash.

Play with Cat

homescapes play with cats

There was also a fluffy cat in Austin’s house. The cat becomes lethargic and starts sleeping anywhere in the house. Therefore, the player must keep the cat while cleaning the house and keeping it clean. This is the cutest and most funny character in the game, which makes everyone laugh while playing the game.

Download Homescapes MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

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Final Word

Homescapes are packed with many original features and are the best game to increase the creativity level of any user. The player also learns different ideas about keeping things in the house and maintaining cleanliness. Also, You will earn coins for every task you did perfectly that can be used to upgrade and reach the next level. Homescapes MOD APK is full of adventure as you don’t know what will come will decorating and designing that old mansion.

Moreover, Homescapes MOD APK gives you a few more benefits as compared to official ones as it is fully unlocked and has unlimited stars and coins. You can use them to upgrade and to make in-game purchases. So, Download Homescapes MOD APK and start creating your dream house by using your creative skill. Have a Good Day! Keep Visiting, Meowdroid!

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