Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK V2.37.1 (Unlimited Everything)

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Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK V2.37.1 (Unlimited Everything)
The world is in danger due to an apocalyptic zombie outbreak and you play as a leader of a small shelter where remaining survivors have come to survive. Isn't it sound interesting? If yes, download Last Shelter Survival MOD APK.
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Name Last Shelter Survival MOD APK
Publisher Long Tech Network Limited
Category Games
Version 2.37.1
Size 105M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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Last Shelter: Survival is a zombie survival game where you need to protect yourself from zombies. The whole world is infested with zombies and killing people one after the other, and your role is to protect yourself from them. Enlist the help of your friends to shoot and escape from the zombies, and you will also have to build your shelter in several places so that you will be hidden from the zombies. The game shares the same story as the Movie of Z-War, and the man had to survive till the last. Also, They have to find a way to escape from the city. Moreover, Dead Trigger 2 is also a zombie game, but with a different style, you can try.

Gameplay – Last Shelter: Survival

The game is like we’re in the current situation as humans are in a pandemic where a virus is spreading rapidly, and everyone is falling into it. But, In the real world, if people die, they will never come; however, in the game, if anyone dies, they become zombies and are more powerful than humans. Also, They are trying to convert everyone into a corpse, and even they succeed in their mission as only a few thousand humans are remaining in the world because they were somehow able to make antibodies that keep them safe.

warning zombie horde invasion

However, If zombies bite them, then they will also convert into corpses, but they found “The Last Shelter,” which is away from the rest of the world, and powerful ones are protecting that area. But, Zombies are continuously attacking them, and you’re also a leader whose aim is to protect everyone on “The Last Shelter.”

Features Of Last Shelter Survival MOD APK

It is one of the most downloaded zombie games on the play store, and the features you get are as follows:

Jump From Buildings

Zombies are everywhere around the cities, and you step out of the house to collect food for your friends. So, Visit malls and food stores to pick up some food for a living. The zombies will start coming as soon as they smell you, and if they smell, then use your gun to shoot zombies so that you can protect your friends. Enter the shop carefully to grab some food and once you’re done, get out of your shelter. Be careful to reach home and close the gate on time so that they cannot recognize your residence.

Upgrade Guns & Armor

keep upgrading

The player gets full rights to upgrade the guns. Also, You can take the big machine guns and keep shooting them till the end. It is not possible to kill all the zombies in the city. The main objective of the game is to survive till the end. By the way, You can escape from there by renting a helicopter. Army personnel will come to your aid by taking you to a safe place. Reach the destination to drive safely in the safe zone at the right time.

Build a Wasteland Empire

This is the most innovative feature of the game. The remaining players had to build a house out of all the waste products like fallen wood, sticks, plastic, etc. They need to find a space surrounded by a boundary so that the zombies can’t reach the site—the only place players can feel safe in their homes. Use your skills to build a secure home in a safe place to live in.

Missions and Alliance Warfare

command forces win smartly

The game gives you many tasks like rescuing the president from his house, rescuing people trapped in a building, etc. According to the mission, the player has to do all the tasks to save the people. Risk your life by going out of the danger zone and protecting the unaffected people from the danger zone. It is not always possible to save them all but try your best to save maximum number of people from zombies.


The game has heavy 3D graphics that give a great look. The gameplay feels surreal enough to impress anyone on the first try, and the player can use any items available in the city to defeat the zombies. Defend yourself from zombie hordes by finding a car and driving across the street without thinking about it, and if you stop running from them, they will kill you. Please don’t make them feel like you’re hiding; Otherwise, the entire zombie army will arrive to kill. Find a shelter and block all doors, windows, entrances, etc. The game will make you feel like facing a real adventure in the zombie city.

Download Last Shelter Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

shelter refugees and expand

Final Word

The game would give you the feel of a PC game as the graphics of the Last Shelter: Survival game is mind-blowing; you will not be able to stop yourself if you start playing it. Also, there are multiple modes, but some of them are paid, requiring in-game purchases. However, You don’t need to worry as we have given you the modified version of this game which is the Last Shelter Survival MOD APK.

Last Shelter: Survival is the best zombie game that can make you feel like living in a real zombie world. The game is full of bravery and emotional scenes. Also, The player has to abandon his friends after being impressed and head home like a brave man. By the way, if you have queries to ask, then the comment section is always open for you.

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