Monster Legends MOD APK V16.3.5 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

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Monster Legends MOD APK V16.3.5 (Unlimited Money, Gems)
Are you curious about monsters? If yes, then Monster Legends MOD APK will be the best entertaining and adventure game for you.
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Name Monster Legends MOD APK
Publisher Socialpoint
Category Games
Version 16.3.5
Size 112M
Requires Android 4.4 and Up
Updated On
4.5/5 - (11 votes)

If so, you must play Monster Legends MOD APK, which has unique simulation gameplay and monster battles. Unlike other types of simulation games, in the Monster Legends game, you will take care of a monster from small to large until the monster can fight.

What’s even more interesting, this game has more than 700 different kinds of monsters, you know! Of course, each monster has its advantages and skills. In the initial stage of the game, you will get eggs, and the first thing you need to do is take care of them by building a place for them and feeding them. Later, the monsters that you have will evolve to become stronger and can fight with various kinds of enemies. Well, to get new monsters, you need to collect coins.

Fortunately, by using Monster Legends MOD APK Unlimited Everything, you no longer need to spend time grinding coins to get the monster you want. The reason is, the MOD version of this game has many free features that can make your gameplay more accessible, one of which is unlimited gems or gold—intrigued by other exciting features?

Come on, see this article further for the full features of Monster Legends MOD APK and the Download Link.

Monster Legends Gameplay

The game is about collecting legendary monsters, breeding them, and then fighting against other players’ monsters to win rewards. There are 600 monsters in the game, which can be collected through various events or by winning. Moreover, you can create new ones by breeding them with different elements. Apart from this, In the game, you also have to build an entire monster world where you have temples, places, farms, training grounds, etc.

select monsters

Monster Legends is one of the most famous monster games that has over 50 Million downloads on google playstore with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 and was developed by Socialpoint. By the way, some features are initially locked in the game like monsters, and can be only be unlocked by in-game currency, and to get them; you have to spend real money. So, If you don’t want to pay, then download Monster Legends MOD APK that has numerous features; some of them are mentioned below.

Features Of Monster Legends MOD APK

Features of Monster Legends MOD are almost different from the original game as it has been made by modifying the code, and that’s the reason why you get so many unique features.

Thanks to Monster Legends MOD APK, you no longer need to feed your monsters all the time, collect coins so you can buy new monsters, and even win battles manually.

Just download this MOD, you can immediately access all of its features easily. Everything is completely free! For details, see the following features.

Unlock All Monsters

all monsters unlocked

There are many choices of monsters in Monster Legends MOD APK. The good news is, you don’t have to wait long or work hard to get it.

You can buy all types of monsters directly through this MOD. Basically, these monsters are divided into different rarities, skills, and elements.

You can immediately buy which one suits your way of playing. Well, if so fighting with other monsters or other players online could be much easier.

High Damage

high damage monster

Another feature that is no less interesting in this MOD is high damage. Yes, this means you can immediately kill enemy monsters very quickly.

Monster Legends MOD APK Always Win will guarantee you can win continuously, thanks to the One-Hit Kill mechanism in it.

Collecting money, gold, and gems is very easy. This is what makes this MOD suitable for use by people who don’t have much time for grinding.

Unlimited Gems, Gold, or Coins

unlimited gems and money

Here are the excellent features of Monster Legends MOD APK that are not in the official version of the game. You will get unlimited free gems, gold, and coins without running out, you know. This is supported by the unlimited damage mechanism inherent in this MOD. No need to worry if the gems will run out!

You can get it over and over again and spend it on new monsters as well as necessities.

Monster Legends Tips and Cheats

Every adventure map, dungeon, and multiplayer PvP match gets three stars; you need to follow some tips and tricks.

  • Open Free Chest – Every 6 hours you will get 1 free chest, open it and get exciting free food and gems.
  • Get Free Monsters: Every 24 hours, you will get a free new monster. So, don’t forget to claim it.
  • Absolute Objectives: This option offers a variety of objectives, such as 1 defeat the island miniboss, buying shared monster legends, buying a ranch, obtaining 6 monsters for level 4, raising trajard with Rockila, and more. Complete them to get XP, Gold. , Gems and food.
  • Get Premium Pass: For the first time, you will get a Premium Pass for 3 days. You must be active during these two days to get the full benefit.
  • Shop carefully: When you enter the store, shop carefully as you have limited resources.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade your farm, home, or hatchery and get from them.
  • Clear Obstacle: clear the way to build more buildings on your island; otherwise, you would not add or buy anything from the store.
  • Feed Monster: Although you will receive XP for your monster when you win a match on the Adventure Map, you can also get additional XP by feeding your monster.
  • Useful Equipment: To get a free meal, you need to know the useful equipment.

Download Monster Legends MOD APK

It comes with HD and attractive graphics, and exciting gameplay, and it’s no wonder that Monster Legends is one of the most popular games on the Play Store. The game has been downloaded millions of times and always gets the latest content. Apart from that, you can also play this game online against other players or co-op with friends.

Really exciting, right? For those of you who can’t wait to download Monster Legends MOD APK so you can unlock all the features and monsters, just click the link below!

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How To Breed a Legendary Monster?

To breed legendary monsters, breed as follows:

breed legendary monsters
  • Skipples + Duchess = Vadgama
  • Musu + Terracrank = Rantium
  • Rabidex + Tartarus = Throder
  • Razfeesh + Drop Element = Lord of Atlantis
  • Rhynex + Darknubis = Nemestrinus
  • Estershire + Goldcore = Knight of the Bow
  • Erpham + Fall Element = Goldfield
  • Femilina + Darknubis = Darkzul

For more information on level breeding, read the article on the level jump here. If you follow this post, you can easily breed the legendary monster.

Final Word

Well, Guys! This is all about Monster Legends MOD APK. If you have any questions or if the provided one is not working, you can tell us in the comment section as soon as we know about it; we will update you and give a solution to your problem. Moreover, If you are able to enjoy the MOD features of Monster Legends, then Don’t forget to share it with your friends who are also curious about Monsters. Have a Good Day. Keep Visiting, Meowdroid!

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