Nova Launcher Prime APK V8.0.6 (MOD, Extra/Unlocked)

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Nova Launcher Prime APK V8.0.6 (MOD, Extra/Unlocked)
Are you bored by seeing the same UI or theme of your smartphone and wanna give some new look? If yes then Download Nova Launcher Prime APK (MOD Unlocked).
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Name Nova Launcher Prime APK
Publisher Teslacoil Software
Category Apps
Version 8.0.6
Size 11M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Updated On
4.8/5 - (5 votes)

From the current scenario, we can see that everyone has started using smartphones to access apps and do things better. However, nowadays, most people are tired of using Android smartphones, which mainly come with the stock UI, which is supposed to be the default. Today in this post, we are going to talk about the Nova Launcher Prime app for free download on your Android device.

For your information, let us tell you that Android devices have usually come with a simple stock OS. One must know that Inventory OS is not said to be customisation. This item will make your Android device boring any time you use it. To solve this problem, we have a lot of programs available on the internet to use it. But at the end of the day, it is essential to note whether the application meets your expectations.

In this case, all you need to do is search for a related application called Nova Launcher Prime Apk at any time. With the support of this application, one can quickly make it easy to customize the tool and deliver lots of tweaks as per the convenience.

Features Of Nova Launcher Prime APK

For those who are looking to download and install this application on your device, you must check out some of the exciting capabilities.

Here we are going to discuss the features for your future reference. You should keep it in mind; If the program is installed on your Android device, it is possible to experience more features than expected.

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Subgrid Placement

The program is much more than standard launchers. For your information, let us tell you that Nova Launcher Prime APK enables the user to snap to the icon or widget in the grid cell of the desktop computer at any time.

Fast Performance

This application is mainly optimized to operate quicker than anticipated. It maintains animations softly and allows the user to use his device faster, in which you can move your fingers without any hassle. Nova Launcher Prime APK has a very impressive and smooth interface so that you will get fantastic speed.


It’s the options that will help pinch, swipe, double-tap and much more on an accessible home screen in case you open favourite apps without defaults. Thus, people who want to install this application on which it is possible to use it.

Hiding Applications

You can get a clean app drawer; This will help to hide the never used applications at any time. Thus, people who think that you need to hide the number of annoying apps on your home screen can use this feature.

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For your information, you do not need to make the desktop afresh. Thus Niva Launcher can be imported into very popular launchers, including the one included in your device. One must know that this program comes with the feature of ad-free. Thus no ads are mainly used in the launcher panel. Generally, most of the launcher programs are using annoying ads to be displayed. However, you do not find any annoying ads on your screen while working on it concerning this application.

Safe & Secure

So Nova Launcher Prime app is considered a customized Android launcher program with high functionality, which will help it perform its work without any hassle. One must understand that this program can be absolutely 100% safe and secure regarding accessibility.

Colour Controls

Thus the colour control feature is being used for tags, folders, drawer tabs, wallpapers and unread badges. This will be helpful for those seekers who have been looking for this feature for a long time.

These are some of the exciting features where once set up on your Android device, and you can use it. However, you can experience more features than mentioned here, as we mentioned earlier.

Collection Of Icons and Themes

Many people love to explore and apply icon packs to make mobile ports more attractive. If you are using the stock launcher, it will be limited. Some developers also provide you with unique themes and icon packs because of their equipment; however, these icon packs are usually heavy and do not have abundant options.

With Nova Launcher, it’s easy to access and download countless themes and icon packs from around the App Store. Using the icon package downloaded from the Play Store will also be compatible with Nova Launcher. Customizing the interface on Android is fun and simple with Nova Launcher.

No Ads

Nova Launcher Prime eliminates ads, bringing you the tiniest and most comfortable user experience. I have used many different Android launchers. Many of them are great. However, there are many dirty things to perform, such as advertisements. Advertisements appear in different ways in the Launcher.

Sometimes, when you unlock your phone, it’s just a popup or banner that appears randomly. Additionally, others are very annoying because they force users to install advertised games or ads. Nova Launcher Prime is different, which is entirely non-advertising. You will not get any advertisements during your usage time. Everything is sleek and comfortable. This is the reason why it is popular.

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK (MOD, Fully Unlocked)

nova launcher prime mod apk

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Extra Features In Nova Launcher Prime APK

There are lots of interesting, unique features you can discover with Nova Launcher. In addition to the basic features of Mobile Launcher, in the Prime variant, the program offers some other special features, which we have recorded below:

  • Gestures: Incorporate gestures to perform predefined actions rapidly. You are able to swipe, tap or double-tap your screen to start your favourite apps.
  • Hide Programs: Applications were installed by many Android device developers; initially, most of them were cross. At this time, you can hide software that you do not use or that are sensitive.
  • Icon Swipes: Add actions while swiping an application.
  • Unread Counts: This feature allows you to count the number of unread notifications, support for quick checks and more program information.
  • More Scroll Effects: Add proprietary effects as you scroll through in Draw Apps.
  • Custom Drawer Groups: Easily customize drawer groups by creating folders on the Shop program.

If you are using the nova launcher and you need to experience advanced features, don’t hesitate to download the Nova Launcher Prime APK latest version, which I gave you in post.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How do I find hidden apps in Nova launcher?

It is possible to see your hidden programs by going to Settings then the Apps and drawer options. Finally, uncheck the program you have hidden.

What’s TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher?

As stated above, Teslaunread is just another app for the many badges in the Nova Launcher app, which Nova Launcher TeslaCoil Software Company itself develops. The program tries to submit several unofficial APIs. To get the number of to say unread in different apps available on your android device.

Do launchers slow down your mobile phone?

No, they do not slow down your Android phone, and it depends on your device’s hardware.

Final Word

Most of the users want to get a quick, smooth and secure launcher; Nova Launcher is one such Launcher. You can experience one of the fastest and stable launchers, easy swiping, dragging or tapping, as soon as you install and apply Nova Launcher as the default launcher. Nova Launcher is also completely safe, does not contain harmful codes or crap applications that are bad for your device.

In this post, we have talked about the latest Nova Launcher Prime app, which is a very amazing app, and you can customize the homepage and theme of your phone. So hope you have understood all the features of the Nova Launcher Prime app. If you like it, don’t forget to share it with your friends and use your phone in a fantastic mode.

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