Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK V6.5.9 (Free Shopping)

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Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK V6.5.9 (Free Shopping)
Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK comes with modified features such as unlimited money and diamonds, all characters unlocked, etc. for free.
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Name Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK
Package com.mgc.RopeHero.ViceTown
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Category Action
Version 6.5.9
Size 124M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated On
5/5 - (10 votes)

If you are fascinated by superhero stories and characters, then we came up with a superhero simulator game named Rope Hero: Vice Town. Now, you can also become a solid and fearless superhero; use your superpowers to fight against criminals, gangsters, and other evils in the city. In order to free your city from evil, you have to make exciting quests to fight against the bosses.

Gameplay – Rope Hero: Vice Town

It is pretty similar to AAA games but with a taste of superheroes as you can bring any superhero character with its power into the game. Overall, It is a 3D FPS game with a mixture of RPGs as you’re in a big city where you have to complete different tasks that appear in the mini-map. Also, You have to keep your eye on the map to see if there is any symbol with the mission then follow the path. However, if you go elsewhere, then you may be attacked by others as they are always ready with guns to attack, so you have to complete the mission by protecting yourself.

Moreover, Several hero customs are there in the game, and each has different powers, but not all are unlocked; you have to do tasks then superhero outfits will start unlocking. Also, Here you can become Batman or Spiderman and can fly to protect the city from gangsters. Do you like to play gangster games? If yes, then Gangster Vegas will give you an incredible experience.

Features Of Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK

We have enlisted some of the most attractive features of Rope Hero below:

Powerful Superhero Characters


As a superhero, your character will have a lot of superpowers. In the arsenal, he has an infinitely long super rope that makes the hero more capable of mega jumps and safe and quick landings on buildings in the city. Because of this super rope, this game has been named Rope Hero.

3D Graphics

Whatever the type of game, graphics play an essential role in determining the value of the game. In a superhero simulator game like Rope Hero, it becomes very essential to maintain smooth gameplay with clear graphics. Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK left no stone unturned to woo the players in terms of 3D graphics.

A Large Set Of Vehicles

There are so many different vehicles in the Rope Hero game to drive. Some of them are SUVs, helicopters, bikes, and bulletproof planes and tanks. In all these vehicles, you can choose any vehicle from the garage. Also, the latest version of Rope Hero has improved vehicle controls.

An Arsenal With Deadly Weapons

deadly weapons

You will definitely need advanced weapons to fight against mighty gangsters and bosses as a superhero. So, the rope hero game provides you with a large number of powerful weapons in the arsenal. Let’s go to the arsenal and check out some exciting weapons.


Glider helps you to move faster on the map, and you can fly on jet propulsion like a fighter jet plane. Not only this, you will get an advanced weapon system in the jet wings so that you can fire while flying. In short, the glider makes you a compact form of fighter aircraft.

Flamethrower & Freezer

As the name ‘Flamethrower’ is self-explanatory, it is a gun that fires enormous fireballs at opponents. With a flamethrower gun, you are free to fire as you wish. At the same time, Freezer Gun has the power to freeze your opponent’s tanks, cars, robots, and even rival players for about a minute.

Skateboard & Parachute

A skateboard is an accessory that is available at any time for use by the player. It allows you to move around the map easily and quickly, and this time the parachute is upgraded and has more controls so that you can perform many impressive tricks using the new parachute in Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK.

Selfie Stick

If you think that this is a regular selfie stick, then you have to play the role of rope hero once. Here, a selfie stick seems like a simple thing, but it has many uses in the game. With its support, not only can you capture some exciting moments of your gameplay and share them with your friends, but it also becomes a self-defense tool when someone is about to attack you, and you can kill them.

Heavy Blaster

heavy blaster

Heavy blaster is one of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of rope hero games. Even when all the enemies surround you and you’re in feeble health, a heavy blaster can still give you victory. This alien cannon shoots a deadly plasma that is capable of killing a large number of giant enemies in a single shot.

Dance Gun

The Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK is not complete without hidden fun activities. Here, the dancing gun is the funniest thing in the rope hero game. However, if you get a dance gun, you can shoot your opponent players with it, and they will start dancing. Not only the opposing players, but you can do the same with their cars, tanks, and robots. This is how you can turn the whole city into a dance club with this dance gun. Isn’t this amazing? Absolutely yes.

Download Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

fly in rope hero vice town
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Final Word

Be a superhero and protect your city from gangsters and make it crime-free; you may have been dreamed it, and if you did, then Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK game will help you to live in your dream virtually.

Here, you can become your favorite hero, such as Iron Man, Batman, etc., including with their powers. So, Download Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK and get everything unlocked with resources in unlimited amounts. The game is quite similar to GTA with MODs, so download and enjoy. Have a Good Day! Keep Visiting, Meowdroid!

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