Last Day On Earth MOD APK V1.20.13 (Mega Menu, All Unlocked)

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Last Day On Earth MOD APK V1.20.13 (Mega Menu, All Unlocked)
Let's dive into the zombie world and fight with them to protect humanity. Isn't it sounds cool? So, Download Last Day On Earth MOD APK and start playing.
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Name Last Day On Earth MOD APK
Publisher Kefir!
Category Action
Version 1.20.13
Size 680M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated On
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Many of you may be a survival game lover and will fight with the world to save it from obstacles. Last Day on Earth is just for those gamers who are action lovers. In this modified version, users have to fight off zombies and fill their city with peace.

Last Day on Earth is a survival game where one has to deal with zombies and use their shooting skill to eliminate them all. To fight this pandemic, not only attacking but also your defensive skills should be good. Also, the character’s life has to be taken care of so that you don’t run away from life. The game is based on artificial intelligence and hence we can see the characters performing their tasks efficiently.

Users can build houses, traps, and weapons to defeat zombies. This game has some limitations but with regular practice, it can be done easily. With your time and effort, anyone can be a pro in this game. Players can overcome such situations in this Last Day on Earth MOD APK as it has a mega menu mod with lots of extra features. So, In this article, this mod version will be shared with you.

What is Last Day On Earth MOD APK?

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk is a modified version of the official game. Apart from the default features, some premium ones are also added here which adds to the excitement of the game. Weapon Durability, One Hit Kill, Premium Skin Unlocked, and many more are available absolutely free of cost.

  • Control hacks are available through Mod Menu
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited weapon durability
  • Own town creation
  • Unlimited inventory items
  • Customize your character
  • Upgrade weapons for maximum damage

The story of this game is good and the tasks given here are quite exciting. The struggle for survival is real and the right moves and strategies have to be made to win the game. Last Day on Earth is a realistic game-like experience where users get a package of horror, excitement, fun, etc. The character’s hunger and thirst must be taken care of for full existence. We also shared Dragon City MOD APK which is another interesting game.

Features Of Last Day On Earth MOD APK

Last Day on Earth Survival includes all the world adventures users will experience on their journey to save the world. The action-packed visuals here combined with the premium inventory make it a better action game than the rest.

Some of the exciting features of Last Day on Earth Mod APK are discussed below. If you think I have missed something then let us know in the comment section below.

Mod Menu Unlocked

mod menu unlocked

As the name suggests, using the mod menu users can unlock special events and earn exciting rewards. Events are meant to award prizes that haven’t been seen before. By using these features, all the top features can be activated in just one click.

Here the user can go anywhere by using the energy provided and thus help in wasting his energy. Enemies also earn money from sorcery which can be used on special occasions.

One-Shot Kill

Players can use one shot to kill zombies. This is helpful in many cases because sometimes the waves of opponents are very large and this feature helps to eliminate enemies. Plus, it helps to maintain health throughout the game.

Also in cases when the enemy waves are very large and you are in low health, one can clear the zombies with this one-shot kill.

Unlimited Durability

This feature works like magic as its users do not have to worry about their health bar. Even if powerful enemies approach you, you can still deal with them because of their unlimited durability.
Full durability of weapons is available so that shots are always fired at the right target.

Bike Skin Unlocked

Every one of us loves free gifts and who doesn’t? Also, In Last Day on Earth Mod Apk, bike skins are available for free which are great to look at. Skins are always liked by the users so it makes the vehicles unique. Using this MOD APK, all these skins are already available automatically and you don’t need to do it manually.

Free Craft

advanced crafting system

In the normal version, missions that meet certain requirements are required to unlock the free craft. Here in Last Day On Earth Mod Apk, these crafts can be downloaded without any difficulty and of course for free. All crafts will be opened as the game progresses.

Download Last Day On Earth MOD APK (MOD Menu)

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Some More Features

Below some features are mentioned that you will definitely love to know are:

  • Easy to Play
  • High-quality graphics
  • Multiplayer supported
  • Good tools
  • Various Vehicles
  • Paid features for free

People Also Ask (FAQs)

There are many questions about this mod that visitors ask before using the application. Here I am answering some frequently asked questions. If I have missed any questions then do let us know in the comment section.

Is it safe to download?

Yes, this mod is safe to use as it is used by many players and there have been positive reviews about this particular game. Also, the scoreboard and ranking are taken care of here in this game.

What is weapon durability in the Last day on earth?

This means how many strikes a weapon can make in one fight. Here in Last Day On Earth Mod Apk, the durability of weapons is unlimited and users can use their favorite weapons for attack.

Is this the latest version?

As of now, Shared Game is the latest version of the Last Day On Earth game and all the features are updated.

Final Word

It is a survival game where users have to deal with zombies and clear them to make their way to the top. Everyone thinks about the feeling of what if I will be the last one after a zombie apocalypse and if you think then you can get the feel with this game as it gives a real-like feel. However, We had given it its Modified version which has some extra features. So, If you liked our article on Last Day on Earth Mod Apk then share it with your friends.

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