NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK V7.3.00 (Unlimited Money)

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NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK V7.3.00 (Unlimited Money)
Do you love to play basketball? If yes then you can also play it on your smartphone even at your bed through NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK.
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Name NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
Publisher Electronic Arts
Category Games
Version 7.3.00
Size 67M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated On
4.6/5 - (41 votes)

Basketball is one of the most popular and favorite sports for most of us. This game is loved not only by European countries but also worldwide. If you are one of those people who want a game that provides an authentic gaming experience, then you are at the right place. NBA Live Mobile Basketball Mod Apk is the game you are looking for, and this is one of the best smartphone games that you can experience. You can enjoy NBA Basketball directly on Android and Tablet with an intuitive UI.

Basketball is one of the exciting sports that requires concentration and training to become a professional. NBA LIVE MOBILE is a truly competitive sport as the players here train a lot. High graphics here, along with realistic animations, thus take the game to the next level. Well, it is not limited to these only. One-touch controls, building your champion team, selecting superstars, iconic street courts, 3vs3 matchups, up-to-date NBA rosters, etc., and many more features make the game really exciting.

The best thing about this game is that users can choose their own team. Here In NBA Live Mobile Basketball Mod APK, one can choose their own superstar, having gameplay full of NBA actions. Inline mode is also available where players can test their skills and compete with global players. In this article, the NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK will be shared so that you can easily grab this exciting game and have a good time.

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What is NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK?

NBA Live Mobile MOD APK game is thus a modified version of NBA Live Mobile Basketball Game in which many additional features have been added to improve the fun of the game. Moreover, Several modified features have been added, including unlimited money, unlimited coins, open-world tours, and character styles, free monthly passes, etc. The best thing about this game is that no cost is required to access such features.

Some MOD Features are as follows:

  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Free Golden Tickets
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Free Passes
  • No Ads

Starting the game is also easy. Signup can be done with both Facebook and Google accounts. If you don’t have any of these, you can play through a guest account. Well, it is always recommended to sign up by FB or google; otherwise, you may lose your game progress. The NBA Live mobile MOD allows users to have their own NBA franchise so that they can compete with and beat their rival franchises. Head to Head is fun as well as great rewards for completing it.

Here at NBA Live Mobile, one can have an authentic game experience as choosing a franchise will offer a unique jersey and court selection. It is always good to play with the home crowd as it builds confidence. Teammates can be selected according to the needs of the team. The gameplay of NBA Live Mobile Mod APK is not that hard if you have proper training. A virtual stick is available that helps the players navigate and helps them score a perfect shot. 3 Pointer Shot is every basketball player’s dream, and here it can be achieved with good gameplay.

Features Of NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK

The features of NBA Live Mobile are so exciting that users get attracted to this game. Its download count thus shows how popular the game is. All are available here, from creating a dream time to having a unique jersey. The controls are smooth and hence supported in most of the devices.

With increasing levels, you can upgrade your skills. Skills include passing accuracy, on-ball defense, triple threat and stealth abilities, etc. As you know, each player has their own set of skills, and it is better to use them for better results.

Here you have to compete with real players in online mode in one-on-one matches. Players can get great rewards by winning. Below are some of the great features of NBA Live Mobile Basketball which are discussed below. Thus these features add to the excitement of the game.

Unlimited NBA Cash

unlimited nba cash

Just like coins are the currency of other games, NBA Cash does the same thing here. With this cash, one can buy Golden Tickets, Premium Passes, Trending Packs, Trade Chip Packs, etc. We have to spend real cash to get there in the real version, but unlimited is available in the NBA Live Mobile Basketball game.

Max Stamina

For such competitive and exciting games, one must have the stamina to complete the game and score more. NBA Live Mobile Basketball Mod Apk keeps the stamina bar full to play games and score more.

Unlocked World Tour

Like in real games, players can tour the world and play in many parts of the world. This feature needs to be unlocked in the basic version, which requires around Rs 159, but it is entirely free here in the NBA Live Mobile MOD APK.

Free Golden Ticket Player Bundle

nba live players

This includes exclusive features and purchase options. If you are going to shop, it requires a lot of money, but it is absolutely free here.

Unlimited Coins

Coins can be used in NBA live mobile basketball games to upgrading players’ skills. There are many events and tasks that require coins to unlock. In NBA Live Mobile APK, users will never run out of their coins because unlimited is here.

Download NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK Latest Version

Some MOD Features

Below are some more features you would love:

  • AI Shooting
  • Improved Stability
  • Good Visuals
  • Realistic Players
  • Exclusive Rewards

People Also Ask (FAQs)

NBA Live Mobile Basketball is an exciting sport where players from all over the world compete to show their best talent. Below are some of the questions that our readers frequently ask. If we missed any of your questions, share them in the comments section.

Is this Mod APK safe?

NBA Live Mobile Basketball is really safe as the developers of this game take care of its privacy. Many of our users also play this game and have received positive reviews for it.

Can this game be played with friends?

Yes, users can team up and defeat their opponents. Also, one can opt for online mode and play face-to-face matches.

Can NBA Live Mobile Basketball be played in Offline Mode?

Currently, you cannot do this. It would be best if you had an internet connection for better gameplay.

Final Word

NBA Live Mobile Basketball is an essential game for all basketball lovers as this game really turns your imagination into reality. Moreover, The graphics are realistic, and even interface is really smooth. You will get the feel of physical play as it is so realistic, and if you start playing, you will not get bored even for hours. By the way, we shared its MOD version, which has some excellent features that you don’t find on the official version.

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