Zombie Catchers MOD APK V1.32.5 (Unlimited Plutonium/Money)

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Zombie Catchers MOD APK V1.32.5 (Unlimited Plutonium/Money)
Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK which is a modified version that comes with special features such as unlimited coin, mod menu, etc.
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Name Zombie Catchers MOD APK
Package fi.twomenandadog.zombiecatchers
Publisher Deca Games
Category Action
Version 1.32.5
Size 77M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Updated On
4.2/5 - (4 votes)

From the name itself, you must have guessed that zombie catcher is a game related to zombie killing. Your guess is 100% correct, but the game also has some unique features that make it quite different from zombie-killing games. The game not only allows you to kill zombies, but you also have to catch and cook them. The zombie dishes inside the game are sold at reasonable prices.

It also enables you to run a hotel where you can serve all these zombie delicacies to earn money. But, if you are just looking to earn unlimited coins without working hard, you can download Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. The app is the crack version of Zombie Catchers, which gives you a lot of money to spend in the zombie land.

Gameplay: Zombie Catchers – Love to hunt

You may have played many zombie games, and your mind must have made an impression about zombie games that they are scary and horror type. This is true as almost all of them are horror, and also, the theme is of the night, which puts an extra scare into the game. But, Zombie Catchers is not like that as it is a casual action-adventure that is full of fun, and even the characters are not horror.

chase and hunt zombies

Here, your task is to chase and hunt down zombies, and all creatures are trying to save them by attacking you. So, You have to protect yourself from others and start hunting zombies with your trusty harpoon gun and sneaky traps. You can unlock new weapons or upgrade an existing one to make yourself more powerful than ever before. However, Everything is already unlocked in the MOD version and also gets some exciting features. So, Let’s know about some features.

Features of Zombie Catchers MOD APK

Many unique features get unlocked once you download Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. Some of the features are as follows:


upgrade your weapons

Each gun has a different role in the game. Some zombies are easily killed, while others require special gun attacks to stop them. In the MOD version of Zombie Catchers APK, all the features are unlocked to use any weapon of your choice. Only you must have the skill to use it, and then You can fight with a zombie using this weapon and kill them naturally.

Remote Territories

This feature takes the game to another level as the free version of Zombie Catchers allows playing in a limited number of zombie lands or areas. But, in Zombie Catchers Mod Apk, you can access all the locked and hidden places for free, and each area is unique in its design and gives you an authentic experience as the graphics are so realistic.

Underground Labs

Zombie Catchers also has unique features for accessing underground laboratories where you can create your new weapons to fight zombies inside this lab. In the free version, you only get access to limited zombie labs, and to get access to more labs, you need to make in-game purchases. But, By downloading Zombie Catchers Mod APK, you get access to all the labs and can create new weapons inside labs.

Zombie Dish

enjoy zombie juice

The Zombie Catchers game also allows you to run a hotel and kill zombies and cook different types of zombie dishes. Humans come to your restaurant to enjoy your cooked foods, and you get paid for plutonium for each dish you serve. You can use this money to upgrade your weapons and run your business. The game not only gives you an adventurous experience inside the zombie city but also gives you a positive thought to run your own zombie restaurant.

Unlimited Coins

The best feature of downloading Zombie Catchers Mod APK is that you get to spend unlimited Plutonium Coins. In Mod APK, you don’t need to run a restaurant to collect money and make weapons, as the cracked version already gives you unlimited money. So, You can spend this money directly on going to other areas and enjoying the experience of killing different types of zombies.

Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK (All Levels Unlocked)

Your wait is over below, and we have given a download link for Zombie Catchers MOD APK that offers you extraordinary features which are not present in the official version. So, Without thinking about anything, just tap and start downloading.

Final Word

Zombie Catchers gives us a different experience of playing zombie games. However, You will enjoy it more if you have Zombie Catchers Mod APK installed on your phone. A modified version of a zombie-catching game will double your zombie-hunting skills efficiently, and you don’t even need to work hard to run the restaurant to collect coins.

We aim to provide enough information about the game and also about its modified version, including features so that you can get an idea of how the game is? Do you Zombie games? If yes, then we must try these also are Zombie Tsunami, Last Day On Earth, etc., you love to play. Have a Good Day! Keep Visiting, Meowdroid!

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