Know The Truth of Camera MegaPixel in Smartphone – MegaPixel, Pixel Size, Image Sensor

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Know The Truth of Camera MegaPixel in Smartphone – MegaPixel, Pixel Size, Image Sensor
Everyone here is talking about megapixel, but when it comes to the iPhone, no one talks about megapixels. Did you know Why?
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Megapixels You must have heard from many people that my phone has a 12, 48, 64, or 108-megapixel camera, and someone must have said that I have an iPhone. Everyone here is talking about megapixels, but when it comes to the iPhone, no one talks about megapixels. Did you know Why?

In today’s smartphone, you get to see 48, 64, even 108 megapixels cameras. But when it comes to picture quality here, you must have often heard that the camera would have been given in the iPhone of 12 megapixels, but still, it is considered better than all of 48, 64, or 108 megapixels. Also, if you look at the DSLR camera, you get to see a 16MP or 24MP camera in it. But still, the DSLR is millions of times better than the smartphone camera and clicks a lot of great pictures if we compare it with the camera of the smartphone, but why.

So friends, to know the answers to all these questions, first of all, you have to understand what this megapixel is? But, once you clear the megapixels concept, you will get the answer to all the questions easily. So, Let’s first know about MP.

What are Pixel and MegaPixels In-Camera?

Whenever you click a photo from your smartphone’s camera, then there is a camera sensor that helps capture this photo. The sensor that we also called an image sensor. Inside this sensor, there are many small boxes which if you see with normal eyes, then you might not see them. We call these small little boxes pixels.

So they store the image information in these small boxes, and an image is made by mixing millions of boxes which you get to see. So if we say in a simple language, the smallest part of any image where you zoom in at the maximum, then you will see small boxes on that image, which we call pixel, as I already told you. If you now understand pixels here, then you will also understand megapixels. Combining all the smaller pixels, the megapixel will be formed.

There are 10 million pixels in one megapixel, meaning 10 million small pixels here; the pixels meet and form one megapixel. Meaning if there are 12 megapixels, then there will be 12 million pixels here. Likewise, if there is a 48-megapixel camera, then there will be 48 million tiny pixels, and if there is a 64-megapixel camera, then there will be 64 million small pixels. The combination of all these small pixels makes a megapixel.

Is Resolution Depends on MegaPixels?

Yes, The more megapixels here, the greater the resolution, the larger it will be.

For example: If there is a camera of 12 megapixels, then the resolution that will be will be 4290 * 2800, if you multi-ply it now, then here it is equal to about 12 million.

At the same time, if the camera of 64MP is given, then the resolution that you will get will be seen a bit more. So the larger resolution, the more you can zoom the image. You can see by clicking a picture from a 12MP and by clicking a picture from a 64MP. So here, if you zoom the image, the image with 12MP will not zoom as much as the image with 64MP will be zoomed. Because the pixels that they have become a little more, due to which you get to see a bit more of the zoom on the image. Now friend’s you easily understand the concept of megapixels and pixels.

Does More MegaPixel mean Better Camera?

Now here you will have many questions in your mind that our phone has a 64MP or 48MP camera, but a smartphone like iPhone or Google Pixel has a 12-megapixel camera but still that 12MP camera an iPhone smartphone would have been better than all these, but how? Along with this, the camera, which is DSLR, has a 16MP or 24MP camera, but the quality of the photos taken from DSLR is much better than the smartphone.

More MP means Better Camera

There are many flagship smartphones that have a 12-megapixel camera; the sensor size in its camera is large. If you see a normal smartphone or a cheap smartphone of 15 to 20 thousand, then you also get to see a 12-megapixel camera in them, but this flagship smartphone’s camera would be many times better. Even if you also compete with smartphones with 48MP or 64MP, then compared to these 12-megapixel flagship smartphone cameras, they have excellent image quality. The reason behind this is that the image of the pixel size is so big. The larger the pixel size, the more pixels will be able to capture the light, will be able to capture the details, will be able to store more information, due to which the overall picture quality is outstanding.

What are the factors that affect the quality of pictures?

Now I am here to make it clear to you that the overall picture quality that you get to see in the flagship smartphone is not only dependent on the pixel size or on the size of the image sensor. Apart from this, there are many other important factors, such as how much aperture is kept? The less aperture, the more light will be able to go in, and the more light that is inside it will be able to pass.

picture quality depends on aperture

Also, image processing plays a vital role; also, the algorithm is there. When you click a photo, then after that, the image sensor or the pixels that have been there, they have done their work and store the information there. But how to process it? Which processor is there in the phone for that? Which image processor is it? What kind of algorithm is being adopted. Depends on all these things, the quality of the overall picture. On expensive smartphones or flagship smartphones, all of these things are taken care of very well, so the flagship smartphone camera is excellent.

Why DSLR cameras are better than others?

In a DSLR camera, you are given a 16MP or 24MP camera, but its quality is a thousand times better than the smartphone with a 48, 64, or 108-megapixel pixels camera, but why? The main reason behind this is that the image sensor that you would have given there is massive. So if you compare it with the sensor of the smartphone, then you can not even see the sensor of the smartphone usually. But if you look at the sensor in DSLR, you can see it easily.

why dslr is better

Apart from this, Quality also depends on pixel size. Yes, the pixel size you get in DSLR is immense if we compare it to the image you get to see in the smartphone’s camera. For this reason, due to the larger sensor size, you will get to see more big pixels; if you see the larger pixels size, then the pixels will be able to store more information, the more light will be able to pass on it. But, despite this, you will be able to capture as much detail so that the overall image is seen as of the next level.


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