Android Vs iOS – Which OS Is Better And Why? Know Everything

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Android Vs iOS – Which OS Is Better And Why? Know Everything
Android Vs IOS? Did you know which one is better and why? If you know then you are a techy and if not then this article is for you.
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Android Vs. Apple conversations have been sounding for a long time, and it hasn’t been big yet. Apple has become the ruling king of smartphones. Whether it’s simple and beautiful hardware or efficient software, Apple has left most competitors behind. But this is really a Google change. So, as we all know, it led to the emergence of Android. It is an awesome operating system that gained popularity over many bigwigs, proved to be a strong competitor to Apple, and led to a battle between Android and Apple iOS.

Many people these days are confused when buying a smartphone between the Android Vs. Apple scenario. I’ve seen people in stores come from retailers asking whether they should go to Apple or Android and give Android more than Apple. Most of you have already seen the diagram showing how Android is gaining market share, and Apple has nowhere to go but low. They are all good people. Recent government actions suggest that while Apple is reversing the sheer volume of its market share within a few years, it may be the opposite. Most of the goals listed for the rapid growth of Android are clear, at least. Whether it’s an open-source system, most app developers or mobile phone manufacturers offer free hardware and more. It seems like everything in the tumultuous war between Apple and Android is going the way of Android!

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Winner Of Android Vs Apple Battle:

Proprietary OS Vs. Open Source OS

Apple controls its own capabilities on its iOS system. This has proven to be beneficial for Google Android. Android is free and open-source, which means anyone can look and change their code. This has led to a large number of app developers choosing or switching to Android.


While Google claims that its Android market is expanding significantly with the opposite, the fact is that it is not close to the Apple Store. Also, I would like to point out that the most popular Android apps on Android are already popular on iOS and therefore taken to another platform. I don’t think there are any apps sent to Android that Apple deserves due to its popularity.


Personally, I am a fan of Apple devices. Their way of simplifying the design and bringing everything to each device is a complete success in itself. But they set their price higher than what a user like I would like to see. So here comes Android, and companies like LG and Samsung offer everyone who is interested in hardware. And if you’re ready to use more, chances are you’re carrying a device that can drool over geniuses at Apple!

Application development

This is another very important point. Apple app developers are having a hard time uploading their app to the App Store to go through all the reviews and more. On the other hand, Google claims that Android developers are free to publish their apps in the Android Market. So there are other better apps and methods for Android users.

Camera Quality Apple IOS Vs Android

If you compare apple’s camera with the android phone’s camera, then apple will always be ahead of android. If you take a smartphone whose camera is 16 Mp and there is an apple phone whose camera is of 12Mp, apple will be ahead in the camera quality of these two because you make your own camera. That is why no os or smartphone can beat Apple in comparison to quality.

How Android Is Better Than Apple IOS

Android OS


Customization is such a feature that it is very important to have in every smartphone because we customize our phone through this feature. Like the option to change the theme in an Android phone, the option to change the icon can be used by downloading the launcher from the play store, and many features can be customized only in android. You can also customize in Apple ios smartphone, but there are limits to it; you cannot customize ios or iPhone more than those limits. Android is at the fore in Apple IOS Vs. Android compared to customization.

Device option

If you want to buy a smartphone then you will get many options in android which starts from 3000 and up to more than 6000 options is available for Android is the best option for a common person who can take it from any shop or online. . But Apple ios is not available so cheaply, buying apple is not a common person’s aftermath. And the price of the smartphone of Apple ios is very high. For this reason, the android phone is the only option that is available very cheaply. These phones are cheap because many companies are making android phones that use os android, made by Google, and Android is available for free. That’s why android is called a budget phone.

File and Data sharing

If you have and use an android phone, then you must have known about file sharing. Like SHAREit is used to share files using Bluetooth etc. All these features are there in Apple but cannot be customized separately in Apple as compared to Android. If you want to share the file of your apple os on your android phone, then you may have a problem with it because not all apps work on Apple’s phone, which works in Android. Very few such software will be found, which is common in Android and Apple OS.

Multitasking (Split screen)

This is one of the best features of android. But this is not available for all Android phones (cheap) phones. This is an extra feature of Android which is not in Apple. Multitasking (Split-screen ) You can simultaneously view and use two or more applications on one screen by using this feature. Like – listening to music, talking on call, messaging, accessing, and running all these features simultaneously is the definition of multitasking; they come only in the feature of android. This cannot work in Apple OS. Android is ahead in multitasking in Apple ios Vs. Android.


If you use a phone, you must be aware of this, and you must have heard millions of times whether to get an android phone today or get an android phone tomorrow. Android: Let me tell you one thing: there is no Android model; many companies sell it in the market by installing Android OS inside their smartphone. Many smartphone-making companies make smartphones and sell them by putting Android’s OS in them. And nothing like this happens in Apple because Apple makes its own OS and installs it inside its phone. And Apple’s OS is not available for free. For this, no company can use Apple’s OS.

How Apple IOS Is Better Than Android

Apple IOS

Hardware and Software

Compared to Android, Apple is ahead because it prepares its own hardware and software. After all, all the products of Apple like iPhone or OS (operating system) are made by themselves. Whatever hardware is installed in it or all the software that Apple uses, it makes them themselves. Hence, their devices work smoothly because they do it only in those devices or smartphones, whatever software or application it makes. For whom it was created. The combination of their software hardware is such that whatever device that software is put in, it runs smoothly. If the combination of software and hardware is good, then the smartphone’s battery also runs as much as possible.

Google definitely makes android, but it lags behind Apple because All smartphone makers have bought android’s os, and they install and sell their phone’s os. Which has increased the competition of the market

Software update

Apple is ahead regarding the update of the software because Apple has different models of its own smartphone called iPhone, and it is not so much that Apple forgets Apple always brings its own update. And all that update is for different phones, which brings separate updates for iPhone 5 and different updates for iPhone 6 and apple brings updates of all its smartphones simultaneously. And android also keeps bringing its updates; if you use a phone like google’s phone like google pixel, nexus, then you keep getting the update of android. If we use any other company’s android smartphone, the update is not available on that phone. That’s why Apple is ahead of android, and android is behind.

Applications (IOS)

Just like all the users of android use the play store, similarly, all the users of apple use the app store. There is no security of any kind in Android, such as preventing bug-free applications from being downloaded from the play store. Millions of such apps will be found in the play store, in which there is still a bug that can harm our phone. But there is nothing like this in Apple. Apple is completely under security. There will be no bug of any kind in it.

Apple makes its own application like music player, iTunes, camera, and all other apps by itself, so apple is ahead of android.


There is no such smartphone in quality that can leave Apple behind or compete with Apple. All companies using Android OS use different brands of hardware and software inside their phones. But Apple itself prepares all the hardware for its smartphone and puts it in its phone; that is why the value of Apple’s smartphone increases. And probably that’s why they are sold at high prices. And this is why it is ahead of android.


In this, apple comes at the top. If you use an android phone, then you must know how its service is. It depends on what kind of service the phone maker company provides. If there is some fault, then the phone is not replaced, but if there is an apple phone and OS or anything else goes bad, then the service people make the first phone, if it is made, then give it to you and if it is not made then replace it. Gives you a new phone. This service is given by apple to its customer. Apple never forgets its customer after selling its phone, so Apple is ahead of android.


Now, You will be able to understand why and in which situation which Operating System is best for you. We can’t directly say that Android is better than IOS because both are good, and it totally depends on the user requirement. In the same case, Android is good, while in other cases, IOS is good; that’s why We had discussed both scenarios.

I hope you get the information about Android Vs. IOS. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us through comment, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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