What Is 5G and How Does It Works? Know Everything Speed, Future 2022

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What Is 5G and How Does It Works? Know Everything Speed, Future 2022
Here, we will try to tell in simplistic language that what is 5G? What is the technology behind it and when will it come, etc.
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5G Yes, 4G has not yet reached the people completely and has already started talking about 5G. So many people ask, should we buy a 5G phone? But still, they don’t know what 5G is? When is it coming? Will there be a difference in your data usage? In this article, we will try to tell in simplistic language that what is 5G? What is the technology behind it, when will it come, and how will it differentiate your life.

What is 5G And Why Do We Need?

Guys, what is 5G? Before telling this, we will know what his expected speed is. Remember, this is all theoretical; what will happen in real life is other things, and your experience will be different. But if you download an HD movie of 2 hours on 3G, it would take 24-25 hours to download means a whole day. Also, If you download the same two-hour HD movie over 4G, then it will take you six to eight minutes. However, On 5G, it is being said that in 3.5 seconds, you will be able to download a two-hour HD movie; that’s going to be crazy, but this is all theoretical.

What is latency or response time is that whenever you give a command in the browser like meowdroid.com and as soon as your first query reaches the server, it is called response time. In 4G, it is of 45 Milliseconds, while in 5G 1 Millisecond, as soon as it has been typed reached the destination, no delay; literacy is going to be very low.

Need Of 5G

But friends, why do you need all this? What is the need for 5G?

You can watch videos and so on, but just watching videos is not enough. Let’s take an example of autonomous cars; imagine if there was a delay of two seconds while talking with the cloud server and then after two seconds, the autonomous car takes the turn, then yes, it will be an accident. So instant latency is important for the internet of things. Another one supposes your smartphone is set for alarming when a thief enters your house, and if again there was a delay in alarming, then the thief will go through the door, and then the alarm rang that doesn’t mean.

autonomous car

So all these things are there; I am just giving an example; many such things are crucial for the Internet of things. First, extremely low latency and breakneck speed are needed, then it all went well, and now we know why 5G is needed. What is going to happen, what is the speed?

How 5G Infrastructure Setup?

But how is 5G setup? Friends, when we moved from 3G to 4G, the telecom operators who were there did not have to do much, just had to upgrade the existing towers. But this is not going to happen with 5G. This will be very complex and very expansive, which means it is going to take too much time to set up 5G. But why? At the same time, the same base stations are used to run 3G and 4G networks then why would there be a need for new infrastructure or a new setup for 5G?

3G 4G Spectrum

Because there were waves of spectrum through which you get data, it used to run from 3kHz to 6kHz for 3G and 4G. But 5G will run from 30GHz to 300GHz within this spectrum, but now this spectrum is empty. But due to the Internet of things and data requirements, now all operators and technology companies are there, they said that we have to use it.

However, there are many obstacles because, at this GHz, the spectrum of these waves is not able to travel for long distances but can travel a short distance as there were 3G 4G waves that ran up to 30 kilometers from the base station. But the 5G that is in this spectrum are short waves ranging from 30GHz to 300GHz, i.e., they are not able to cover much distance; only this wave will be able to go up to 300 meters, i.e., mini base stations will have to be installed every 300 meters. For example, if there are 20 Floor buildings, one has to be put down and one up so that they can work.

5G short range spectrum

By the way, 5G, if you ask telecom exports also, tell me in two lines what 5G is? So it is challenging for them to tell also because this technology is evolving. A lot of new things are coming because they fall in the short distance, so new technologies are coming to tackle those problems. For example, as you may have heard Massive MIMO, small waves are sent by concentrating on one place, then the clear signal will go in greater distance or beamforming. After that, full Duplex technology is all part of this technology which is 5G, but it is evolving.

5G technology

What Speed you will get over 5G Network?

Theoretical 5G, which is now people have started to test successfully. The test cases that are happening within the last 12 months and the throughput you are getting will get you some 15 GB per second to 20 GB per second. This speed right now we talk 20 Mbps to 30 Mbps this speed. With 5G, you will talk 15 Gbps or 20 Gbps. But whether or not you will get this in the real world, it is not known that this is theoretical; you will get 200 Mbps to 300 Mbps in real. We do not know everything in theory.


So when will 5G arrive? How much time will it take? What do telecom operators have to do? So it is being said that from 2020, infrastructure development has been started, and it will take at least four to five years from now till you get it in your hands. By the way, friends, I had to ask you one thing tell me in the comment, that how much speed you get from the existing 3G or 4G, whatever you use, you will say to me in the comment and when 5G comes, you will just multiply by the hundred that’s it.

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