What Is Stock Android And What Makes it Better than Android OS? With Smartphone List

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What Is Stock Android And What Makes it Better than Android OS? With Smartphone List
Stock Android is nothing but the purest form of android, also known as vanilla android. It is developed by google and available for free.
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We live in an Era where every 7 out of 10 people have an Android smartphone, which indicates how much this operating system is popular among smartphone users. It is one of the most leading mobile OS globally, Which shares 71.93% in the mobile operating system market that is 3/4th of the whole market share. Now, you can clearly see that Android OS is ruling the Smartphone Market till 2021. More than 80% of the smartphones made in 2020 were based on Android Operating System even TV has started coming Android-based, which we call Android Smart TV.

It is also an open-source operating system specially designed for companies and end-users to consume it according to their requirement. However, big smartphone companies are in a rush to add new features and functionality to offer with their android phones, which will increase their sell.

By the way, We all are familiar with Android Smartphones, but still, we don’t know about Stock Android and why it is better than Other Versions Android OS. Because of this, people are missing the real taste of android. Don’t Worry! We are here to provide you accurate information about Stock Android and will tell you some top reason that makes you choose Smartphones having stock android.

What is Stock Android?

Stock Android is nothing but the purest form of android, also known as vanilla android. It is developed by google which is a modified version of the Linux kernel specially designed for touchscreen devices, Smartphones, and Tablets. No changes have been made in the core of stock Android by any smartphone manufacturers’ developer; only changes are made in proprietary apps.

For example, Huawei has its own custom OS that is actually based on Android Operating System, but it is called EMUI. It will give you a pretty different experience compared to stock android; even they don’t have an app drawer facility until EMUI 5.0 is released.

Why We Prefer Stock Android Over Other Versions Of Android OS?

Stock Android gives you a better and pure Android experience over the modified OEM versions of the Operating System. There are lots of benefits of using stock android, among which some top reasons are mentioned below, which will give you an idea Why we Prefer Stock Android Over Other Versions Of Android OS?

stock android vs other version os

No Duplication and Bloatware

What the smartphone maker does is that they customize vanilla Android in their own way and try to give a new look. Not only this, but they also pre-installed the apps developed by them, which are already present in the Android OS, and this results in duplication of apps of the same functionality.

For example, We know Google originally develops android OS; that’s why Google Chrome Browser is pre-installed, that’s OK. It is an excellent browser; after using this, we don’t need another one but smartphone manufacturers also pre-installed another browser that they developed that we actually don’t need. Moreover, This takes RAM, Storage, Background-data, etc., and also we don’t get an option to uninstall them. But, This is not the case with Stock Android.

Security Benefits

In the past several years, we have seen that there are a lot of security issues in Android. Due to which hackers love this OS as they can easily hack android devices by injecting malware or virus; this is why IOS fans criticize android. However, as soon as the developer of Google comes to know about that security issue, they patch it and release the update. But you do not receive that update immediately because the company whose smartphone you have got need to customize the update again, then it will be compatible with your smartphone.

That’s why if your device runs on stock android then you will receive security updates much earlier than other versions of android os.

Better Performance and More Storage

Duplication and Bloatware adversely affect your smartphone performance and also battery life. There are lots of apps that are pre-installed on your device, which runs in the background even you don’t know about them, and this is the reason why smartphones do not provide battery backup up to their mAh. After seeing this, google decided to optimize OS to provide better performance and also increase smartphone battery life, but they are doing it on Stock Android.

I know you have an android device, so visit your phone setting and check how much storage is taken by the operating system, including pre-installed apps. More than 30% of the storage is already occupied in which about 10% acquired by unwanted apps, and also, there isn’t an option to uninstall those bloatware apps. But, This is not the case with Stock Android.

Receive OS Updates Earlier

Manufacturers are there only to sell their device and also force users to buy the latest device through various tactics; this is called Business Strategy. But why did I say that? The reason is that the customer has to wait for months to get the update, while Google has already released the updates whether it is related to security or whole os. Moreover, it also happens that some models do not get the update at all, and if they want an update, they have to get a new device.

As we know, the technology is upgrading so fast, and we also need to go with the technology. However, This is not the case with Stock Android; as soon as Google releases an update, you will receive it no matter which companies smartphone you’re using; if it runs in Stock Android, then you will receive it. So, We can say that the stock android is the future proof. We are continuously upgrading with this, whether it is related to UI or Performance.

List Of Stock Android Phones

Are you thinking about buying a new smartphone, and after reading this article, your desire to move to stock android phones? If yes, below, we mentioned some of the smartphones that run on stock android or near to this. We don’t say to buy from this list only by knowing they are on stock android; you must have to learn more about the device from elsewhere, and if your requirement is fulfilled by one of the devices, then sure, buy.

  • Motorola Razr 5G
  • Motorola Edge Plus
  • Google Pixel 4a
  • Moto G 5G
  • Motorola Moto G9
  • Motorola E7 Plus


Overall, Stock Android is far better than other versions of android os. You get lots of benefits and also improves your device performance. I hope now you know What is Stock Android And What Makes it Better than Android OS? If you have some to say or want to clarify your doubts regarding the topic you can drop that in the comment section of this article. Hope You Enjoy It 🙂

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