What Is Wireless Charging & How Does It Work Wirelessly? Know Future, Standards

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What Is Wireless Charging & How Does It Work Wirelessly? Know Future, Standards
Wireless Charging, concept is simple electricity comes in, converts into an electromagnetic field, it receives and converts to electricity again and your battery is charged.
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Wireless charging is one such thing that is going to change the world in times to come. Not even the world, but it is going to be an important change that whatever your devices are electronic/electrical devices will be changed you will not see wired charging very soon. Yes after 5 years or 10 years everything will become wireless. But friends, this is wireless charging, this is from the last 100 years. Yes, this is not new technology. People knew about wireless charging for 100 years. In fact, Nikola Tesla showed hundred years ago that wireless charging is possible.

But Friends 2021 This is the year It is going to be a pivotal year where the wireless charging which is going to be changed means the mainstream will come because the first five, 10, 15 watts were much more likely to charge with wireless charging. But now we are talking about 30W, 40W even 60W. Yes, but friends, this article is going to happen, it will tell you what is wireless charging? How does it go? And what is going to happen next? I mean the future.

How Wireless Charging Works?

The concept of wireless charging is very simple. Currently, smartphones that are wirelessly charged work on two things, one of which is your charging pad and the other which is a charging device i.e. smartphone. The concept is very simple what we do is to attach the charging pad to the electricity through the wire and there is a coil inside it. What it does is to convert that electricity into the electromagnetic field and if you put the charging device on top of it then it falls into that electromagnetic field; basically, it comes within the range of the electromagnetic field and there is also a coil inside the charging device which receives and converts the electromagnetic field back into electricity itself which causes the battery to charge.

how wireless charging works

So the concept is again very simple electricity comes in, converts into an electromagnetic field, it receives and converts to electricity again and your battery is charged that is how simple it is. Friends, I want to tell you this in simple language so that you don’t need to understand everything. But this is the concept of simple and how much it is charged depends on the length of the coil which is inside, how much is its thickness; The electricity is converted onto these bases. Basically, it is 5,10, or 15 watts like this. So essentially that is how wireless charging works.

Standards Of Wireless Charging

Mainly there are two main wireless charging standards are there:

  1. Chee (Pronounced Qi)
  2. AirFuel Alliance

Chee (Qi)

Chee (Qi)

The first is chee (Qi) which is spelled Qi but is called chee and about 37 or 38 hundred devices follow this standard. This means if you take a charging pad of a Chee and you have a different device, then it will be charged by putting on that one pad. That is why there is a certain standard because someone will bring wireless charging with other technology. And if there is a Chee charging pad and a charging device with another technology then it will not be charging so there needs to be a certain standard and it is one of the main ones.

AirFuel Alliance

AirFuel Alliance

The second is the famous AirFuel Alliance Standard with a slight difference with it. In the chee what happens you have to keep the device together, which means that both the charging pad and the charging device have to be kept together. But due to this standard, you will be able to keep up to fifty millimeters away from the pad which means your charging pad which is at a distance of 50mm from your smartphone and you are talking on the phone yet it will be charged.

There are also many new ones that can charge up to about one, five, 10 meters from such a distance. Still, more research is developing on that and I’m sure that will come very soon, you don’t need to keep up with you anyway, only you are one meter away, the device will still be charged.

Friends, the biggest difference that has come in 2021 is the charging speed. Yes, the Oppo Reno Ace 2 that has come now can be charged with 40W charging. Think Vivo Apex 2020 you won’t get these phones commercially, but they have shown that you will be able to charge with 60 watts. This is the Oppo Reno Ace 2 which is a 4000mAh battery that charges the entire battery in 56 or 59 minutes. When the wireless charger comes at such a fast speed then why we do need a wired charger.

Future Of Wireless Charging

By the way, all things have become electric nowadays, even your car, which used to run on petrol-diesel, now runs in electricity and in the next 5 to 8 years all the cars that are comfortable will probably go electric. But right now this wireless charging is not possible on the car, but very soon cars will be able to charge wirelessly.

wireless car charging

Think cars, we were talking about smartphones, you will be able to do cars as well and everything else is. Obviously, your oven, freeze, TV, everything may be charged wireless. In fact, a patent came a few days ago wireless charging table (it means to take any device and put it on your table, wireless charging will be done) by Oppo or any other company that has patented it. There are many patents for wireless charging like on the floor that can charge wirelessly.


Overall friends, now that time is not far when you put your phone on the table and the table that is there is charging wirelessly. It will be very simple. Yes, the bulb has been installed, your wireless charging is in the wall itself and the bulbs are running. Think and I’m telling you this is the future that is going to be real in the future. In fact, an electric car which is in the parking, the parking that is in it will charge your car wirelessly, it is possible. In fact, now that there are coils under the roads, due to which, even when you are driving, your car is charging. Yes, that is the future of wireless charging. I hope you knew about wireless charging and also about its future. Stay With Meowdroid for more articles like this.

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